Saturday, October 26, 2013

California dreamin

Once again I have fallen tragically behind in the blogging world. I am sorry mama and Ivy. I will try to do better but I make no promises.

Let's talk about Mike and Ivy's trip out from California to visit us a couple weeks ago. We hadn't seen them in a couple years so we were all very excited that they were coming. We had such a nice time with them it made me homesick for California all over again!

Jake had a baseball game while they were here so of course we all went to that together. I had high hopes that little guy might get his first hit since we had guests in the stands but no such luck. He is trying but he just hasn't figured out coach pitch ball yet. His coach only puts him at catcher or right field when it's their turn to take the field so he "doesn't get hurt." What he also isn't getting is any knowledge of the game. We are going to make sure he gets on a different team in the spring. His coaches this time around are way too competitive and just want to win instead of teaching the kids that are further behind how to actually play the game. BUT, Jake is having fun regardless so that's what counts. He is doing some moves out in right field that Michael Jackson would have been proud of.

We had Emma Mae try on her new Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume at one point. You can tell she was just thrilled.

My friend Dena arranged for us to visit her fireman husband Craig at work in downtown Austin for a little fire safety talk for Jake. Jake came home a couple weeks ago and asked me when our house was going to burn down. I said hopefully never. And he said "aww, man I WANT that to happen!" So I asked why he wanted our house to burn down. And he said "because I want the firemen to come and hear me yelling in my room and come in and save me!" So I hid the matches and we went to talk to a real fireman. The kids had so much fun. Craig let them crawl all over the truck and even squirt the big water hose. Then we went across the street to the most amazing candy store and loaded up on sugar.

Grandpa Mike taught Jake how to cast his fishing pole out in the driveway.

We ate good food and had a wonderful time with our friends. Thanks for coming Mike and Ivy!