Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring cleaning

Two days ago I bought a container of Clorox wipes. My purpose for them was to wipe down all of the door knobs and light switches in this house because "ewww" they get nasty over time. Just think of the potential germ warfare being played out on every door knob in the universe right now.

Anyway, you know what happens when you spend two days wiping down doorknobs? You also start wiping down entire doors and door frames because you finally see them up close and personal and realize that your entire family is nothing but a group of filthy pigs. Seriously. I have almost used up my container of wipes and I still have five doors to go.

After all of the wiping I have also come to two conclusions. First, dogs belong outside where God and nature intended for them to live. And possibly little cats too. I have wiped off so much dirt and oil from the lower part of our doors and door frames that I could probably bottle it and sell it. If there was a market for that sort of thing. The front door was such a mess. That's the magic spot around here. Both of our huge dogs like to lay right in front of the door-on the door really. The good thing about that is that it is virtually impossible for someone to break into our house. Even though I'm convinced the dogs would sleep right through an intruder coming inside, I know the intruder would not be able to budge open that door with over 200 lbs of dog resting against it.

Second, little boys belong outside where God and nature intended for them to be. Aside from the front door, the nastiest door in this house belongs to our seven year old Jake. His door frame was black. Possibly from him climbing it to the top of the door. Who knows? Also, there was a lot of what I can only hope was chocolate smeared all over the place. I am rethinking letting the kids keep their Halloween candy in their rooms next year. Gross. Stay tuned next week for a play by play of me cleaning the baseboards. Riveting things coming up in my future.

After all the cleaning house today I was wiped out. So I took the kids to a movie which is a treat around here. It's not every day that we spring for watching a movie in an actual theater. They really wanted to see the "Legends of Oz" movie. So I took them. I really wish I could get back the $23 it cost for the three of us to go there and the hour and a half of my time. I thought it was a really bad movie. But Jake and Emma both liked it so maybe I'm a bad judge. It may have been worth it all just to get out of the house and not hear the kids bickering with each other for a couple hours. We also got Jake a much needed hair cut and then I spent the last of my blow money on Mexican food in an actual restaurant. Yes, two outings in actual places in one day. We're getting brave over here. I just really wanted chips and queso and I really did not want to cook or have to clean anything else up today. Totally worth it. Let's wrap this up with some obligatory kids in the bluebonnets pictures I took a few weeks ago and keep forgetting to post. I'm thinking cleaning up my house today may have also helped to clean out my foggy brain for a little while!