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Missing Muffins

Yesterday morning I got up and made a blueberry muffin mix for breakfast. We had twelve golden muffins sitting in the muffin tin on top of the stove waiting to be eaten. I ate two and Mike ate two which left us with eight muffins if my math is correct. After breakfast Mike and I took Jake over to my sister's house so she could babysit while we enjoyed some alone time. We got to go to our first movie in a theatre since Jake was born! On our way out the door, I looked at the eight remaining muffins still in their pan and thought I'll just put those away when we get home later. Seven hours later, we get home and the muffins have mysteriously disappeared. I confirmed with Mike that he hadn't done anything with them and I knew I hadn't done anything with them. I checked the trash can and the refrigerator just to make sure. Nothing. I then turned to the dog and the cat, but they weren't talking. Now, our cat is Zoe is fascinated with bread and bread products. The other day she managed to knock a package of tortillas down from the pantry and ate holes in all of them. And our dog Brady will eat anything. The only evidence that the muffins met with foul play was one burner on the stove was slightly askew. That's it. The butter knife with butter still on it was sitting on the muffin tin just where I left it. There were no crumbs anywhere to be found. I'm not sure how they did it, but I know Zoe couldn't have eaten eight muffins all by herself although she did feel a little heavy last night. I'm imagining her on top of the stove with a muffin in her mouth and Brady sitting on the floor looking at her as she drops the muffin down for his consumption. And I'm guessing this happened eight times. I wish we had a video camera set up so I could be sure what they were up to. I will definately be investigating poop for the next day or two to see for sure who the guilty party is.

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Slumber Party

This is so cute to me. He manages to find his stuffed animals in the crib and hugs both of them while he's sleeping.

Almost smiling

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me and my dog

Just the three of us

Five Months

Here are the latest developments in little mister's life.

Holding his bottle for short periods of time.
Putting in and taking out his binky.
Rolling back to front, front to back, back to front, front to back! He is really starting to get around.
Scooching himself backwards while on his tummy.
GROWLING! Yes, growling...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day at the Wildflower Center

My wonderful husband agreed to take us to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center today for Mother's Day. Thank you Mike! It was really hot! But I enjoyed getting out to commune a little bit with nature. Jake was a trooper in the heat so we rewarded him with some naked time when we got home.

Family Time

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thought for the day

I have to admit that I love Oprah. So, on her show today she was showing clips of an interview between Maria Shriver and Demi Moore. And Demi Moore said of mother(parent)hood that the baby is only truly yours when it's in the womb. And that once the baby is born you begin the process of letting go. Such a sad, happy, beautiful thought! Already I see that in Jake as he changes everyday, learns more and more things and is already starting to become his own little person.

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New Milestone

Jake's been flipping from his tummy to his back for a few weeks now. Today, I saw him roll over from his back to his tummy for the first time! He did it twice just to show me it wasn't a fluke. He's really "swimming" a lot when he's on his tummy. So, I think he's trying to figure out this whole crawling thing next. Way to go Jake!

On a more serious note. As I was changing his diaper this morning, I took out the butt paste, put some on my finger, lifted his legs up to apply the butt paste, and instead got kicked by my son who then smeared the paste all over his foot. SO, I went to the kitchen real fast to get something to wipe if off with. Somewhere in those ten feet it took me to walk to the kitchen I forgot what I was doing. I put away a few dishes, wiped down some counters-all to the cute cooing and happy sounds of my baby in the living room. Went back to the living room to give baby a kiss and saw white butt paste all over his mouth (along with his foot)! I immediately wiped him clean (with my shirt, because I had forgotten to get a rag while in the kitchen). Then I grabbed the butt paste tube to see if it was harmful to ingest. However, the directions were in French. Now, I took Spanish in high school, but I think it said something about not getting it in your eyes and contacting a doctor after seven days if bad things were happening. Does anyone know anything about eating butt paste? If so, please advise. He seems okay to me.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Jake update

I took Jake back to the doctor today for a follow up visit. I've become such a worry wart that I had convinced myself the child had epilepsy or something. So I videotaped him yesterday in the midst of one of his "moments" and let the doctor see it. She assures me that he shows classic signs of discomfort from acid reflux. SO, he will be taking Xantax now as well as the Prevacid and we're trying a different formula that's thicker so it might stay down better for him. We still don't know what causes his little tremors, but I'm hoping that he will just grow out of those. His doctor just said to wait a few months to see what happens before worrying about going to see any sort of specialist. He is such a trooper. I can just see him trying so hard to be happy sometimes and then he'll get a spasm or something in his tummy and just has to cry it out. He is currently in the middle of a three hour nap since he missed his morning nap due to the doctor visit. I'll post more pictures when I can actually get one of him not crying!

P.S. Jake's current favorite toy=his own two feet

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lost on LOST

Okay, my friend Suzanne blogs about American Idol so I decided I had to put something down about LOST. I'm totally lost. What is going on this season? I still watch it weekly and think it's good, but I have no clue what they're doing. They've added so many new characters this season that we have forgotten about most of the old ones. Is anyone wondering where Michael and Walt are?! And what about the cute little older couple Rose and what's his name. See, I've forgotten his name because it's been so long since we've seen them. And what was with last night? The island cannot represent hell. I mean, come on. So, all of you who read this and never leave me comments please do this time if you watch this show. It's driving me crazy!