Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roughing it

Mike took Jake on his first camping trip last Thursday. They went all the way out to the backyard and slept in a tent. Jake was super excited about it. I fully expected to see them back in the house by 2am but they made it through the night. Jake thought it was fun and I think Mike did too although he was really complaining about his sore back the next day. I did not sleep so well. I wanted to have my boys inside where they belong! Plus, I was a little weirded out because I knew that before I went to bed that night I saw something run by the back door out where they were sleeping. I knew in my heart that we don't have bears around here, but my mind was thinking nasty thoughts. Turns out it was just a cat prowling around. I think Jake heard it too because he made sure to tell Mike several times before he fell asleep that there was a monster out there. I can't wait until we can go on our first official family camping trip. I think we'll need a bigger tent!

Emma got to play in the tent before she went to bed inside. This was strictly a boys only campout.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The day that should have been

So I think we all know that today is March 23, 2011. The day Amy and I were supposed to experience the culmination of our life long dream of meeting Rick Springfield. But then he cancelled. And I have to say I'm a little bitter.

I woke up trying to pretend that this was just any normal old day. That's pretty easy to do when you have to get two toddlers ready for "school" and out the door in a 45 minute time frame. Emma did not want to get dressed. She only wants to wear her new TinkerBell pajamas now. She wants to wear them all day, every day. So, that was fun. And Jake kept telling me that American cheese is made from whole milk. He has also started announcing his presence by saying "the King is here." I'm not sure what is going on with our son.

On our way to school I was listening to my favorite morning show on the radio. All of a sudden they started playing "Jessie's Girl." I was SO happy and excited. I actually had thoughts of this radio station following my blog and arranging for me to meet Mr. Springfield and somehow they were secretly following me on my way to work and played his song to get my all hyped up and then as I was pulling into the parking lot there he would be. Guitar in hand, playing my song just for me before I went to work for the day. And of course, I would get a hug, a picture and an invitation to come on the next Rick Springfield and friends cruise. (delusional much?)

Yeah, but none of that happened. Except for the fact that the radio station did randomly play my song this morning.

The kids at school today were "on fire" to quote one of Jake's teachers. They didn't really let me think about Rick too much.

Then tonight after I finally got Emma to bed and Jake was watching Tinkerbell before he went off to bed I got a phone call from Amy. My BFF. And this is why she is my BFF. She alone knew how disappointed I was going to be today and she shared in that disappointment. We ended the day with much laughter and I actually feel okay about not meeting Rick. I don't feel great about it but I'm okay. I've even forgiven Charlie Sheen and CBS.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jake and the Jet Pack

Jake has always had great teachers at Mother's Day Out. This year his teachers are really fun and creative. About two weeks ago they had a "space and pajama" day at school. He got to wear his rocket pj's and was so excited about it.

When I picked him up at the end of the day there was the cutest little homemade jet pack in his bin. His teachers had made one for each child. Jake wore it out to the car and zoomed around the parking lot for special effect.

I had planned on taking some clothes back to Old Navy that didn't fit and since Mike goes to school in the evenings now I really had no choice but to take the children with me. This goes against every fiber in my being. I KNOW what happens when I take the kids out in public and expect them to act like normal human beings.

Needless to say, Jake would not leave that jet pack in the car. So I let him wear it inside Old Navy. Some things aren't worth fighting about. And he looked pretty cute with it on over his rocket pajamas.

Well, as soon as we got in the store a lady on her way out started going on and on about how cute Jake's outfit was. That was all the encouragement he needed. He immediately started zooming around the store with his arms out screaming "TO INFINIWY AND BEYOND!" Yes, I said "infiniwy." That's how he pronounces infinity. So, while I was busy pretending that he was someone else's child, Emma was having a full on conversation with the plastic dog and manequins at the front of the store. No big deal.

Five minutes later, I had exchanged my clothes for new sizes and was desperatley trying to round up the children to get out to the car. They had discovered the dressing rooms and were running into each one slamming doors behind them. Then Emma discovered herself in a full length mirror. Only I guess she didn't recognize herself. Or maybe she thought herself was actually some long lost friend. Because, I kid you not, she ran full blast straight ahead right into the mirror. Luckily, nothing (and no one) got broken and we made it out to the car where I desperately wished I had a stash of chocolate for myself for the car ride home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip

Last week was our spring break. It was nice to have Mike at home every evening instead of off at Texas State participating in higher learning. It was also nice to have a break from Mother's Day Out and hang out at home a little more.

However, Friday rolled around and this was our first full day and evening together as a family since Mike started school in January. So, I had a brilliant idea. I decided that we would load the kids up in the Jeep and cruise on over to San Antonio for a trip to the zoo. I hadn't been to this zoo in at least twenty years and I had heard nothing but great things about it.

The problem was that when we showed up we were greeted by about 18,000 of our closest friends. Never, I repeat, never go to the zoo during spring break. It was a complete zoo in there.

We arrived around 10:30 and saw our first animal at about noon. First, we went into this education center that had some games set out for kids. Jake and Emma loved it. I think it was their favorite part of the trip.

Then we decided to join the other millions of people there in looking at some animals. We took in our little umbrella stroller to push Emma around. She had other ideas. She did not want to ride in it. In fact, she wanted to push it. So we let her until she started running into people left and right. We tried to help her steer but she wasn't having it. Finally, we had to tell her to just step away from the stroller. This caused a raging fit from little bit. She cried and cried and then she screamed and flailed her little body around right there in the middle of all of those people. For about twenty minutes. That was how long it took us to realize that the kids were probably hungry and then stand in line to buy hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, popcorn, ice cream, and Popsicles for them. We left no stone unturned in the junk food that was available to us.

We resumed our animal watching as soon as we had two happy kids again. The problem with the animals was that they were over it. A week of having thousands of loud, smelly humans around was more than they could take. I mean we saw the animals, but the animals were all playing dead. And really that is exactly what I felt like doing.

We ended our adventure with a train ride around the zoo, a two hour trip home in some really bad traffic and a promise from me to never ever ever have another bright idea again.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emma's Big Day

I think I'm finally ready to talk about Emma turning two years old. I've sort of been in denial because, well, we no longer have a baby in the house. That's weird. She is in full blown little girl mode now. Emma Mae is very opinionated. She likes to try to do everything by herself. Which makes our morning routine take about three times longer than it used to. I'm trying to be very patient and let her do what she can without butting in. That is so hard for someone who likes to be in control and get things done already! The hardest thing is letting her dress herself. Although it is pretty cute to watch. Just not on days where we need to get somewhere by a certain time. She is constantly trying to put pants on her head or put her pants on upside down or something.

The thing I'm enjoying most about this stage is her conversation. She talks all the time now! Just like another child in this house I know! In fact, I took her to her two year check up yesterday and she talked through the whole thing. The nurse totally cracked up. I think the doctor was annoyed. We'll be getting another doctor now. Just like any other two year old she can throw a fit to rival your worst day without chocolate at any time. She is also the sweetest, most helpful, most loving little girl I know. I love when she puts her hands on my face and just looks at me and says "mama." She is our joy and I cannot believe she is two!

I decided to give her a Tinkerbell birthday party since she loves the fairies so much. For two weeks before her birthday we would ask her how old she was going to be and she would say "two!" and then follow it with a "tinkerbell!" Needless to say, she was very excited about her Tinkerbell birthday party.

I found the cutest idea for a cake on my friend Suzanne's blog and she got the idea from The Idea Room blog. It's for a rainbow cake. I thought since fairies make rainbows (according to the movie) that this would be the perfect cake for Em. I spent just about all day on this cake. It has six layers and we only had two cake pans. Other than that, it really is a fairly simple cake to bake (just a box mix). Although I will tell you if you try to make it to let your cool whip thaw before folding it into the icing. Otherwise, you will end up with a lumpy mess in your frosting and you will need to call your hubby up frantically and ask him to stop for a can of store bought frosting on his way home from work so you can cover up all of the lumps. The cake tasted wonderful but Emma ate about a bite and a half and was done with it. Your welcome, sweet girl.

We had a couple friends come over for the party and my parents and my sister and her family came. We bought Emma a cute little red kitchen for her present. She got lots of plastic food, dishes, Tinkerbell stuff and some cute clothes for her birthday. Thank you to everyone! We took the kids to our local park to play for about an hour and then came back home and had cake and opened presents. I think she had a good day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here's a picture of Emma during her first nap ever without a binky in her mouth. The day after her birthday I told her that the binky fairy had come and all of the binky's were gone and had been given to needy babies. She was not happy. She cried for thirty minutes before she finally fell asleep in that exhausted heap on her blankets. Night time was much better. She cried about ten minutes. The next day she fussed for a couple minutes and that's been about it. She does come up to me a lot and rub her fingers on her lips which means she wants that binky but I just remind her that she's a big girl now and her binky's are for babies. I think she has adjusted fairly well. Now, onward to potty training!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlie, I'm sorry

It seems I owe someone a huge apology. So here goes. Charlie Sheen, I apologize. You, in fact, did not ruin what would have been the sixth most amazing day of my life. You have done a lot of weird things lately, but the rumor that Rick Springfield was going to take your place on Two and a Half Men was just a rumor.

Rick did cancel his book signing in Austin and I'm still severely bummed about that, but now it seems it was because he is/will be filming an episode of Hawaii Five O which also airs on CBS and somehow we were led to believe that he was going to be on that OTHER CBS show.


Dear Hawaii Five O people,

See below letter to Charlie Sheen. While I don't think any of you are evil or crazy you did still mess up my life and I am not happy with you.

Hanging in there, LM

Just goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you see/hear/read until you have confirmed the facts yourself. How do rumors get started? They get started by the jealous people. Look at all of these rumors surrounding me everyday. I just need some time, some time to get away. Thank you Timex Social Club. Ya'll remember that song?

Anyway, I have so much to catch up on. But, let's just start with today. I met my friend Katha and her boys for lunch. Turns out it is her birhtday today. As I was driving to our destination I realized that this is her birthday month so as soon as I saw her I was all "when is your birthday again?" and she was all "today!" and I was all "i am such a crappy friend." Which goes to show us all why I only have three friends here. I can't handle having friends. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!

We went to Phil's Ice House in Austin. You all know I love me a good burger. And these were good burgers. The bread was divine. I should have taken a picture of it. Instead, I took a picture of my peeps playing on the playground.

Happy Wednesday! I will get around to putting up some pictures of Emma's birthday party soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The day Charlie Sheen messed with my life

Ya'll. I don't quite know how to tell you this. I really don't even know where to begin because I just can't believe it myself. Actually, I can totally believe it because this is the story of my life. I am so disappointed right now. Mr. Springfield has cancelled his book signing event for Austin. No autograph. No photo op. Take a moment of silence to compose yourselves.

Are you done? So I got a message from Amy today telling me to call her back right away. I knew she was going to tell me something about Rick but I truly thought it was going to be something good. Like, we were going to get to have cheese and crackers and a glass of wine with him before the book signing or something. (Amy has connections.)

Alas, she called to tell me that he had cancelled the whole shin-dig. After I picked my jaw up off the ground and jump started my heart again I asked her the only question that mattered. Why? It was so reminiscent of getting dumped by so many ex-boyfriends out of the blue. All you really want to know is why? Usually, okay always, they don't give you an answer. They just look at you and say "it's not you, it's me, okay?"

Well, it seems that Rick didn't cancel because of me. Rumor has it (and this is not confirmed, just something Amy's connection told her) that he cancelled on account of freakin' Charlie Sheen. Can you believe it? Rick's "people" said something to the effect that he is being considered to fill Charlie's now empty spot on Two and a Half Men. Okay. I love Rick, but unless he's going to fill the spot by playing the men's dad then I don't see how this is going to work.

Dear Charlie Sheen,

Thank you so much for ruining my life long dream of meeting Rick Springfield. I am trying to be a loving, forgiving person but you are making it almost impossible for me. I see you on your balcony, waving your machete around and I want to puke. You should be at the studio playing nicely with others to produce some quality television programming instead of drinking tiger blood and playing with your goddesses. Thanks to you one of the four or five things in my "bucket list" just got dropped back down to the bottom of the bucket where it will forever remain doomed to live in silence in the darkness. Definitely not "winning." At first, I felt sorry for you and just wanted you to get some help. Now, I'm a little ticked off that your brand of crazy is rubbing off on my life.

Angry in Austin, LM

So, I will press on with life for the sake of my hubby and children. But this has been a blow my friends. A real big blow. I guess I can cancel the hair cut, eyebrow wax, and mani/pedi I had scheduled for next week. Oh, and I was going to post pictures of me in different outfits so you could all tell me what to wear to meet Rick. See? Now, Charlie Sheen has ruined some of your fun too. Oh, I kid. but not really. I mean, seriously, what are the odds?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Binky Me

Ya'll. Emma is going to be two years old in four days and she still has a binky. Mike has been after me to get rid of these things for months now. I keep putting it off saying we'll do it before she turns two. So, we don't have much time left. I am totally dreading this.

We got Jake off the binky relatively easy. I actually think it was an act of God. Literally. We were on our way to church one morning and couldn't find a single one of his five or six binkys anywhere. After doing a frantic search of the house we decided to just go cold turkey and see how he did. So, he made it through church without it. Then he made it through naptime. Then he made it through the rest of the day. I remember he cried some the first few nights without one, but he got over it pretty easily.

I fear Emma is not going to be that easy. She didn't really need it that badly as an infant. But the older she has gotten the more attached she is to her binky. Much like her two blankies, her binky is almost a part of her. Also, I'm pretty sure she's getting a new tooth so now is not an optimal time to take the binky away. In other words, she is a cranky pants right now.

BUT, I know I hate seeing kids that are too big for a pacifier still sucking on one. I don't want Emma to be that kid. Also, I hate doing the binky search every time we leave the house. So they have got to go. I've thought about cutting the tips off so they don't have any suction. I've read that works pretty well and helps them want to get rid of the things. I also read somewhere that one mom gave all of her daughter's binkys to the "binky fairy."

Since Emma loves her some fairies I've opted for this approach. I started telling her a few days ago that when she turns two she will be a big girl and big girls don't need binkies. I also told her that there is a binky fairy we can give them to and the fairy will then give her binkys to little babies in need of one. Is this wrong of me? I am blatantly lying to this child. But she seems to be buying it. She'll point to a binky and say "fairy!." And then she'll follow that up with "baby!" So, I think she might be getting the concept.

Does anyone out there have any other ideas? And by the way, telling me that I should never have given her a binky is not helpful. Thank you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who's Counting Calories?

Ya'll. Yum. Seriously.

Here's the link to the recipe on the Vanilla Sugar blog. Make them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I'm pondering

1.) Why can't anyone in this house put things back where they belong? I have given multiple tutorials all in vain. I have put labels with pictures and everything on toy baskets to no avail. I have threatened to have an aneurysm if people don't take responsibility. Still, no luck. It's like they want my head to explode.

2.) My conversations with my son lately have been slightly reminiscent of one of Charlie Sheen's latest rants. Yesterday, he (Jake) told me that God didn't make crazy town. Okayyy. Later, as I was swinging him out in the backyard he told me that he was pretending to be a stealer. I said okay, what does that mean? And he said he was a stealer just like a bad guy. So I said I thought traitors were bad guys and he said they were but stealers were even worse. Today as he was running (surprise!) through the house he tripped over a toy and spilled the basket of toys he was running with. I told him he needed to pick up the spilled toys and he looked at me and said "I'm longer than a pencil." I said "did you just tell me that you are longer than a pencil?" He said yes. He then rolled around on the floor moaning for a couple of minutes saying that picking up his toys was too hard for him. It seriously took him ten minutes to pick up a handful of toys. And that was with me telling him okay, pick up the book, now pick up the ball. Ridiculous. He did try to go all Tom Sawyer on us and get Emma to do the work for him. Luckily, Emma is much stronger minded than Huckleberry Finn was and she just looked at him and said "NO!" He has also started calling Mike a big old warlock. And we all know that I am now referred to as "your Majesty" or "young lady". I'm just waiting to hear him say that he has tiger blood and Adonis DNA. In which case we will be heading straight to therapy.

3.) I'm totally addicted to The Bachelor and cannot stop watching this train wreck. I won't tell you who I heard "wins" but I will tell you that I am a big fan of Emily and I think she is as cute as a little bug. I also think Bachelor Brad is cute as a bug but I'm seriously concerned for him. He just seems so stressed out all the time. Love is supposed to be fun, right? At least until you get married. KIDDING! Honey, I'm kidding!

4.) Also totally addicted to Survivor. Thrilled that Russel got voted out although I think it was completely insane to throw that challenge. I'm wondering how I would fare on that show. I think I might be able to make it to the final three just because nobody would even notice that I was there until the very end. I would just slip into the finals and the other contestants would be all "who IS she?"

5.) In just 18 short days I will be meeting Mr. Rick Springfield. As Amy keeps reminding me this is the fulfillment of a life long dream. I'm trying really hard not to think about it because if I start thinking about it I will be consumed by those thoughts. I CAN'T STAND IT!!!! I know this meeting will never live up to the hype in my brain. I'm just trying to be grateful that I will get the chance to say hi to him, have him sign my book and take a picture. Although Amy got some details about this whole thing and apparently Rick will take one picture with each person whose book he signs. That means it better be a good picture because no retakes. Ya'll, I am not photogenic. I always have an eye blinking or some weird smile on my face. I am stressing out about this photo opportunity. I have much grooming to be done before March 23rd.

6.) My little girl will be turning 2 in one week. How did this happen? She has gotten very lean this year. Gone is all the cute baby fat. She is officially a little girl now. And, seriously, how cute is she?

All you need is a friend

Today I took the kids and we headed out to my first MOPS meeting. I seriously don't know why I never did this before. I've had several people tell me I should join a MOPS group but I just never took the time to investigate one. I really enjoyed it! I'm going back even though they only meet four more times this semester and then they take the summer off.

The whole reason I've been contemplating joining a group like this is because I seriously need some more friends. I have plenty of acquaintances but not so many real friends. And I am desperate for one or two more. Although sometimes I think I don't have more because I can barely handle the ones I've got. Life is so hectic and I know I'm not as good a friend as I should be.

Anyway, fast forward to the meeting this morning. The topic of the entire meeting was friendship! And the guest speaker was actually a mama of one of the kids in my first class at Mother's Day Out. Small world. She is so cute and has a new book out right now called "The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby." I wish I had gotten to read it when I was preggo!

One of the best parts of her talk I thought was a comparison she related between the definition of friendship by Webster in 1913 and the definition of friendship now. In 1913 Webster defined a friend as "one who entertains for another such sentiments of esteem, respect, and affection that he seeks his society and welfare." Today a friend is defined as "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard."

I like the old definition much better. It's easy to feel affectionate for someone but far better to seek another person's society (company) and welfare. Sounds an awful lot like the whole love your neighbor as yourself thing to me. To be concerned for someones welfare requires effort and involvement instead of just affectionate feelings.

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box. I just thought the subject matter of this meeting was very timely for me. So, "YAY MOPS!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Hail the Queen

Today I learned something new about myself. The smell of three year old pee on a bathroom floor makes me want to vomit. One of our sweet little girls at Mother's Day Out didn't quite make it to the potty on time this morning. Poor thing. She made it into the bathroom but not to the toilet itself. When I went in to check on her there was a puddle deep enough to float a small fish in. She had tried to clean it up herself. So, there was also half a roll of that cheap, non-absorbent toilet paper on the floor. I think that's what did it for me. Picking up that wet mess of paper goo was a bit much for me. So to sum up. Can the smell of pee initiate my gag reflex? Why, yes it can. My sweet co-teacher Jana offered to clean it up for me. But I couldn't let her do it. She's like twelve months pregnant and I just couldn't ask her to get on her hands and knees and smell that smell. Anyway, we made it through the rest of the day with no more bodily fluids readily visible. Or smellable.

I was dreading picking Jake up at his class today because Monday when I picked him up his teachers had that look on their faces. You know that look? The one that says "your child was a mess today. how do we tell you that nicely?" His teachers are so cute. The exact words one of them used was "Jake was on fire today." I thought that was perfect. Apparently, there was some pushing and shoving followed up with a little bit of hitting and personal boundary breaking.

When I questioned Jake about it later he told me that yes, he had done all of those things. I asked him why he did those things. And he said because the boy he did them to was a "bad guy." So then we had an in depth discussion about what makes a bad guy bad. According to Jake, it is the quality of being a traitor. Apparently, bad guys are all traitors and this little boy in his class is one too.

I followed up with a discussion about the importance of being nice to everyone-even traitors. I don't think he bought it. But, I am happy to report that his teachers said he had a very good day today. And Jake told me himself that he managed to keep his hands to himself even in the presence of the bad guy. Score one for successful parenting.

On the other hand, I think Jake gets his facts mixed up a little sometimes. The other day he told me the most amazing story about Abraham Lincoln. It seems that President Lincoln did not live in a log cabin after all. In fact, he lived in a brick house and a big bad wolf came and tried to blow it down.

Also, last week when I handed Jake his cup of milk he looked at me and said "Thank you, your Majesty." I don't know where he's picking up all this stuff! Obviously, if I was any where close to being a queen I wouldn't be cleaning up random pee in a class full of three year olds.