Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I'm pondering

1.) Why can't anyone in this house put things back where they belong? I have given multiple tutorials all in vain. I have put labels with pictures and everything on toy baskets to no avail. I have threatened to have an aneurysm if people don't take responsibility. Still, no luck. It's like they want my head to explode.

2.) My conversations with my son lately have been slightly reminiscent of one of Charlie Sheen's latest rants. Yesterday, he (Jake) told me that God didn't make crazy town. Okayyy. Later, as I was swinging him out in the backyard he told me that he was pretending to be a stealer. I said okay, what does that mean? And he said he was a stealer just like a bad guy. So I said I thought traitors were bad guys and he said they were but stealers were even worse. Today as he was running (surprise!) through the house he tripped over a toy and spilled the basket of toys he was running with. I told him he needed to pick up the spilled toys and he looked at me and said "I'm longer than a pencil." I said "did you just tell me that you are longer than a pencil?" He said yes. He then rolled around on the floor moaning for a couple of minutes saying that picking up his toys was too hard for him. It seriously took him ten minutes to pick up a handful of toys. And that was with me telling him okay, pick up the book, now pick up the ball. Ridiculous. He did try to go all Tom Sawyer on us and get Emma to do the work for him. Luckily, Emma is much stronger minded than Huckleberry Finn was and she just looked at him and said "NO!" He has also started calling Mike a big old warlock. And we all know that I am now referred to as "your Majesty" or "young lady". I'm just waiting to hear him say that he has tiger blood and Adonis DNA. In which case we will be heading straight to therapy.

3.) I'm totally addicted to The Bachelor and cannot stop watching this train wreck. I won't tell you who I heard "wins" but I will tell you that I am a big fan of Emily and I think she is as cute as a little bug. I also think Bachelor Brad is cute as a bug but I'm seriously concerned for him. He just seems so stressed out all the time. Love is supposed to be fun, right? At least until you get married. KIDDING! Honey, I'm kidding!

4.) Also totally addicted to Survivor. Thrilled that Russel got voted out although I think it was completely insane to throw that challenge. I'm wondering how I would fare on that show. I think I might be able to make it to the final three just because nobody would even notice that I was there until the very end. I would just slip into the finals and the other contestants would be all "who IS she?"

5.) In just 18 short days I will be meeting Mr. Rick Springfield. As Amy keeps reminding me this is the fulfillment of a life long dream. I'm trying really hard not to think about it because if I start thinking about it I will be consumed by those thoughts. I CAN'T STAND IT!!!! I know this meeting will never live up to the hype in my brain. I'm just trying to be grateful that I will get the chance to say hi to him, have him sign my book and take a picture. Although Amy got some details about this whole thing and apparently Rick will take one picture with each person whose book he signs. That means it better be a good picture because no retakes. Ya'll, I am not photogenic. I always have an eye blinking or some weird smile on my face. I am stressing out about this photo opportunity. I have much grooming to be done before March 23rd.

6.) My little girl will be turning 2 in one week. How did this happen? She has gotten very lean this year. Gone is all the cute baby fat. She is officially a little girl now. And, seriously, how cute is she?


  1. She is for a fact. I can't wait to see her and Jake. Also want to hear some of his stories. Love, Mom

  2. Oh miss Kim... I just love reading your blog! I also wanted to let you know I have passed on an award to you over at my blog! Check it out if you would like!