Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Binky Me

Ya'll. Emma is going to be two years old in four days and she still has a binky. Mike has been after me to get rid of these things for months now. I keep putting it off saying we'll do it before she turns two. So, we don't have much time left. I am totally dreading this.

We got Jake off the binky relatively easy. I actually think it was an act of God. Literally. We were on our way to church one morning and couldn't find a single one of his five or six binkys anywhere. After doing a frantic search of the house we decided to just go cold turkey and see how he did. So, he made it through church without it. Then he made it through naptime. Then he made it through the rest of the day. I remember he cried some the first few nights without one, but he got over it pretty easily.

I fear Emma is not going to be that easy. She didn't really need it that badly as an infant. But the older she has gotten the more attached she is to her binky. Much like her two blankies, her binky is almost a part of her. Also, I'm pretty sure she's getting a new tooth so now is not an optimal time to take the binky away. In other words, she is a cranky pants right now.

BUT, I know I hate seeing kids that are too big for a pacifier still sucking on one. I don't want Emma to be that kid. Also, I hate doing the binky search every time we leave the house. So they have got to go. I've thought about cutting the tips off so they don't have any suction. I've read that works pretty well and helps them want to get rid of the things. I also read somewhere that one mom gave all of her daughter's binkys to the "binky fairy."

Since Emma loves her some fairies I've opted for this approach. I started telling her a few days ago that when she turns two she will be a big girl and big girls don't need binkies. I also told her that there is a binky fairy we can give them to and the fairy will then give her binkys to little babies in need of one. Is this wrong of me? I am blatantly lying to this child. But she seems to be buying it. She'll point to a binky and say "fairy!." And then she'll follow that up with "baby!" So, I think she might be getting the concept.

Does anyone out there have any other ideas? And by the way, telling me that I should never have given her a binky is not helpful. Thank you.


  1. Emma is so smart. She'll catch on real soon. By the way, your Dad was cleaning house the other day and found an old one she had lost up here. Guess we'll put it in our keepsakes. How is she doing with the potty training? Love, Mom

  2. sounds like to me that you're still making excuses not to get rid of it....

  3. so I am guessing telling you to expose her to hand foot and mouth disease and then tell her the binky caused it is not helpful either! Sean caught that illness and then I told him his biny caused it and he still believes it to this day. He sometimes says my binky gave me splinters. Liam We just had to go cold turkey and it was more difficult. He still asks if we would buy him a new one someday. Good luck : )