Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jake and the Jet Pack

Jake has always had great teachers at Mother's Day Out. This year his teachers are really fun and creative. About two weeks ago they had a "space and pajama" day at school. He got to wear his rocket pj's and was so excited about it.

When I picked him up at the end of the day there was the cutest little homemade jet pack in his bin. His teachers had made one for each child. Jake wore it out to the car and zoomed around the parking lot for special effect.

I had planned on taking some clothes back to Old Navy that didn't fit and since Mike goes to school in the evenings now I really had no choice but to take the children with me. This goes against every fiber in my being. I KNOW what happens when I take the kids out in public and expect them to act like normal human beings.

Needless to say, Jake would not leave that jet pack in the car. So I let him wear it inside Old Navy. Some things aren't worth fighting about. And he looked pretty cute with it on over his rocket pajamas.

Well, as soon as we got in the store a lady on her way out started going on and on about how cute Jake's outfit was. That was all the encouragement he needed. He immediately started zooming around the store with his arms out screaming "TO INFINIWY AND BEYOND!" Yes, I said "infiniwy." That's how he pronounces infinity. So, while I was busy pretending that he was someone else's child, Emma was having a full on conversation with the plastic dog and manequins at the front of the store. No big deal.

Five minutes later, I had exchanged my clothes for new sizes and was desperatley trying to round up the children to get out to the car. They had discovered the dressing rooms and were running into each one slamming doors behind them. Then Emma discovered herself in a full length mirror. Only I guess she didn't recognize herself. Or maybe she thought herself was actually some long lost friend. Because, I kid you not, she ran full blast straight ahead right into the mirror. Luckily, nothing (and no one) got broken and we made it out to the car where I desperately wished I had a stash of chocolate for myself for the car ride home.

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  1. Sean wears halloween costumes to the store sometimes! It is kind of funny the looks you get. I LOVE the jet pack. Such a cool idea!