Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emma's Big Day

I think I'm finally ready to talk about Emma turning two years old. I've sort of been in denial because, well, we no longer have a baby in the house. That's weird. She is in full blown little girl mode now. Emma Mae is very opinionated. She likes to try to do everything by herself. Which makes our morning routine take about three times longer than it used to. I'm trying to be very patient and let her do what she can without butting in. That is so hard for someone who likes to be in control and get things done already! The hardest thing is letting her dress herself. Although it is pretty cute to watch. Just not on days where we need to get somewhere by a certain time. She is constantly trying to put pants on her head or put her pants on upside down or something.

The thing I'm enjoying most about this stage is her conversation. She talks all the time now! Just like another child in this house I know! In fact, I took her to her two year check up yesterday and she talked through the whole thing. The nurse totally cracked up. I think the doctor was annoyed. We'll be getting another doctor now. Just like any other two year old she can throw a fit to rival your worst day without chocolate at any time. She is also the sweetest, most helpful, most loving little girl I know. I love when she puts her hands on my face and just looks at me and says "mama." She is our joy and I cannot believe she is two!

I decided to give her a Tinkerbell birthday party since she loves the fairies so much. For two weeks before her birthday we would ask her how old she was going to be and she would say "two!" and then follow it with a "tinkerbell!" Needless to say, she was very excited about her Tinkerbell birthday party.

I found the cutest idea for a cake on my friend Suzanne's blog and she got the idea from The Idea Room blog. It's for a rainbow cake. I thought since fairies make rainbows (according to the movie) that this would be the perfect cake for Em. I spent just about all day on this cake. It has six layers and we only had two cake pans. Other than that, it really is a fairly simple cake to bake (just a box mix). Although I will tell you if you try to make it to let your cool whip thaw before folding it into the icing. Otherwise, you will end up with a lumpy mess in your frosting and you will need to call your hubby up frantically and ask him to stop for a can of store bought frosting on his way home from work so you can cover up all of the lumps. The cake tasted wonderful but Emma ate about a bite and a half and was done with it. Your welcome, sweet girl.

We had a couple friends come over for the party and my parents and my sister and her family came. We bought Emma a cute little red kitchen for her present. She got lots of plastic food, dishes, Tinkerbell stuff and some cute clothes for her birthday. Thank you to everyone! We took the kids to our local park to play for about an hour and then came back home and had cake and opened presents. I think she had a good day!


  1. She is so pretty! She gets that from her mother...

  2. The cake was beautiful and very good. I'm so glad we got to help Emma celebrate her 2nd birthday. I see she is still cooking on her stove. Has she put any more pot holders in the microwave? Love, Mom

  3. neat cake idea. Glad she had a good birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Emma!!
    Cute cake! I hope you had a HUGE piece!