Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlie, I'm sorry

It seems I owe someone a huge apology. So here goes. Charlie Sheen, I apologize. You, in fact, did not ruin what would have been the sixth most amazing day of my life. You have done a lot of weird things lately, but the rumor that Rick Springfield was going to take your place on Two and a Half Men was just a rumor.

Rick did cancel his book signing in Austin and I'm still severely bummed about that, but now it seems it was because he is/will be filming an episode of Hawaii Five O which also airs on CBS and somehow we were led to believe that he was going to be on that OTHER CBS show.


Dear Hawaii Five O people,

See below letter to Charlie Sheen. While I don't think any of you are evil or crazy you did still mess up my life and I am not happy with you.

Hanging in there, LM

Just goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you see/hear/read until you have confirmed the facts yourself. How do rumors get started? They get started by the jealous people. Look at all of these rumors surrounding me everyday. I just need some time, some time to get away. Thank you Timex Social Club. Ya'll remember that song?

Anyway, I have so much to catch up on. But, let's just start with today. I met my friend Katha and her boys for lunch. Turns out it is her birhtday today. As I was driving to our destination I realized that this is her birthday month so as soon as I saw her I was all "when is your birthday again?" and she was all "today!" and I was all "i am such a crappy friend." Which goes to show us all why I only have three friends here. I can't handle having friends. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!

We went to Phil's Ice House in Austin. You all know I love me a good burger. And these were good burgers. The bread was divine. I should have taken a picture of it. Instead, I took a picture of my peeps playing on the playground.

Happy Wednesday! I will get around to putting up some pictures of Emma's birthday party soon.

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