Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Women

Last weekend Amy and I ran a 5K race together. We had so much fun! At least we had as much fun as you can have while you are running. We actually did a lot better than I thought we would seeing as how we trained exactly zero minutes for the race. So out of 59 runners we finished 28th and 29th. I'm okay with the middle of the pack for now. This race was called the Wild Woman which I thought was highly appropriate for Amy and me. At the finish line we got a breakfast taco and a cup of beer to celebrate just how wild we are. So wild that I came home and took a nap afterwards.
In other news, I was wasting time on facebook a few days ago when my fb page told me that Rick Springfield is going to be in Austin on April 19th! What?! So Amy and I have secured our tickets and will be trading in our mom persona's for our wild woman ones once again. Can't wait!

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