Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities

This year we finally decided we could take the kids to the annual 4th of July parade downtown without worrying about them running out in front of a fire truck or something. It was a very small parade but Jake and Em loved it. They especially loved the part where people threw candy at them. Yay!

After the parade we headed to the downtown park where there were a plethora of bouncy houses to be bounced upon. Jake and Emma waited in line to go to the top of a pretty tall bouncy slide first. I knew it was going to end up with Emma at the top refusing to go down. But Mike assured me that she would be fine. Just as they were about to get their turn I had a panic attack about Emma and her underwear situation. So I asked her if she put any on and she said yes and then I noticed the mama in front of us trying not to bust out in laughter about that conversation. Something told me she's been there and done that too. As predicted when Emma finally climbed to the top of this particular Pike's Peak she wigged out and started crying. I had a dress on so there was no way I was going up there. So Mike had to save the day and climb the slide in two single bounds and then he whisked his daughter down the slide. When they reached the bottom she was all giggles and said "again! again!" And I said "no way sister." Then we found the HEB mascot and the kids had their picture taken with him. They were so excited for some reason. I mean, it's just a big paper sack with fake food inside. It's not Rick Springfield or anything.

Then we came home and ate hot dogs because you can't much more American than that. I also made an apple pie because, hello, American!

And for the first time in their lives we took the kids downtown that night to see the firework display. Usually, we just sit in our driveway and see whatever illegal fireworks the neighbors are setting off. Oh my word. They had so much fun. Except for the part where Emma chewed open one of her glow sticks and got the glow chemicals all in her mouth and it burned, it burned! Then she rubbed her face with her hands and that started burning. Then we had to ask the strangers beside us if they had any water we could use to stop the chemical burning taking place in and on our daughter's face. Good times. But finally the fireworks started and Jake could not contain his excitement. He said in his very loud voice "mama! they are exploding! they are exploding mama! this is the best day of my life!!!" And even Emma agreed with that because by that time the burning had subsided and she was able to focus on fun. Hope you had a happy 4th too!


  1. love it! That sure is a nice photo of your family at the parade ;)

    1. I know! Professional quality. It's actually the best picture our family has taken in a long time so thank you!