Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to life

We all start back to school tomorrow. I didn't think I was ready until about 3pm this afternoon when the kiddos started fighting and complaining and whining. I think they need to be back in the classroom and I probably need to be back at work. The only thing that saved us this afternoon was a late play date with Sydney and Lila. The kids all had so much fun jumping on their trampoline and spraying each other with the hose outside.

I think my favorite day of Spring Break this year was Thursday when we discovered a new to us hiking spot. Jake's teacher recommended it and we loved it. The kids didn't complain too much about the hiking parts and they absolutely loved hanging out at the river throwing rocks and trying to catch fish and bugs. We will definitely be going back to McKinney Roughs Nature Park very soon. In fact, I wish we lived closer so I could try to get a job out there. I totally felt back in my element.

Currently my favorite picture of our big yellow dog. Brady is in paradise whenever we find a body of water to play in.

Hank enjoys our hikes as much as the rest of us do. The only difference is that he never gets tired like the rest of us do.  I think he might be a robot.

This is currently my all time favorite picture of Emma Mae Flinn. If she had ringlet curls she would remind me exactly of a little girl I used to know! I love that she has jelly on her face. It is just SO Emma. Also, please note that she can even go hiking in a pretty girly dress. No pants for this little girl thank you.

I was experimenting with water reflections that day.

I'm pretty sure he has that nasty vulture feather in his bedroom somewhere. I'm going to pretend I don't know about it and not think about the possibilities of getting bird flu from a feather.

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