Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My maturity level amazes me

Yesterday Amy invited me to go with her to the YMCA for a fitness class. It was supposed to be this very intense cardio workout. I agreed because I wasn't able to jog yesterday due to some very large blisters on the backs of my heels. So we put on our sneakers and spandex (kidding) and headed out.

When we arrived, this mustached man dressed all in black asked us if we were there to take yoga. When we said we were there for the cardio class he informed us that he would be the substitute teacher that day although he normally teaches yoga. Now, he was a very laid back person (kind of like me), but he didn't seem the type to teach an intense cardio workout class. Ususally you get very peppy instructors for these classes. Also, his name was Seymour. So, Amy and I had our doubts. But we were willing to give it a try.

When we got up to the classroom we realized that we were the only people there other than Seymour. Just me, Amy, and Seymour. Amy just looked at me and said "don't you dare start laughing like you did in that yoga class we took." Flashback ten years ago to Amy and I going to our first yoga class together. The instructor came out looking exactly like Jesus in some white linen pajamas with a long beard and long hair. We spent the entire hour breathing out of our noses trying to sound like horses. I swear, that is what he wanted us to do. Have you ever had one of those friends who you just crack up with? Well, Amy and I spent most of that hour of yoga convulsively laughing and trying to hide it from everyone else in the class. I know, we're real mature. It just tickled us.

So, anyway, when she reminded me of that right before our workout with Seymour I just COULD NOT get it out of my mind. Seymour wanted us to start the class off by marching it out. I'm telling you I started laughing right then. I don't know why. Maybe it was because Seymour's tummy showed everytime he lifted up his arms. Maybe it was because it was odd seeing someone less than peppy trying to "march it out." Maybe it was because I'm completely immature. Whatever the reason, I could not stop laughing. And I kept looking at Amy who was standing right in front of Seymour and I couldn't believe that she wasn't laughing. Which made me laugh more. I managed to get it together for most of the class but there were moments where I just lost it. Like when I looked over at Amy when we were on these big exercise balls and she just kind of rolled completely off of hers. We were supposed to be having some sort of roller derby on them by lying on them on our stomachs and using our legs to push us forward. It was really hard. Oh, there was another girl who joined the class a little late who was much more athletically inclined than we were. Seymour kept praising her the entire class. She was way ahead of us on the roller ball derby so when she and Seymour weren't looking Amy and I both pushed our balls forward so we didn't look like such losers. Which also made me laugh.

I feel really bad that I laughed so much during that class because I hope that Seymour didn't think I was laughing at him. It really all started with the memory of that first yoga class. Anyways, Seymour definately got his revenge on both of us. We're both very sore today. Turns out you don't need a peppy instructor to get a good workout.


  1. But I WAS laughing. You forgot to mention there was a huge wall length mirror in front of us. I could not even look in your DIRECTION because I started to laugh. So when we were marching it out I was looking at the ground and laughing. It was awful. That also happened to us at a band concert in jr high--remember Mrs. Smith standing there giving us the evil eye and we COULD NOT stop. I will never forget that.

  2. I remember! I was going to write about that band concert but I thought my story was getting too long. You were much better than me yesterday at hiding it!

  3. jesus in linens? lol! glad you were able to have fun with a good friend. the class sounded fun regardless of how much you actually benefited physically. will you go back?! :)