Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where I share my love of Rick Springfield

Today, my friends, is a very important day. It is the birthday of a very special person in my life. If you weren't around in the eighties, you might have to google him to know what I'm talking about. Today is the birthday of Rick Springfield. I LOVE HIM! I have loved him since I was in the fifth grade and he first appeared as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. I would go home everyday from school with my friend Sherry and her mom would let us watch GH together and we were gaga for Dr. Noah Drake. He was so dreamy what with those piercing green eyes, and lush black hair. And the DIMPLES! I died for those dimples.

That same year he also became famous for his first love which is singing. Who hasn't heard Jessie's Girl? LOVED that song! Still do. I am not a good dancer, but if I hear Jessie's girl I will shake my booty no matter where I'm at. The only other song that has that effect on me is Dancing Queen. Seriously, who can resist grooving to Dancing Queen?

When we weren't watching GH, Sherry and I would watch this new show called MTV where they played music videos from current musical talent. We would watch for hours hoping to catch Rick in one of his videos. If that wasn't enough, we always had our magazines. Can I tell you how many Tiger Beats, Teen Beats, and Seventeen magazines our moms bought us just because they had a picture of Rick Springfield somewhere in them? Enough to pay for our first year of college, I bet! It was ridiculous. At one point, you could not see blank walls in my room at home. Every single space was plastered with posters and pictures of Rick. If I could have reached the ceiling I would have had him up there as well. My parents were sneaky enough to send me to church camp one summer with the sole purpose I'm now sure of redecorating my room while I was gone. When I came back, most of the pictures were off of the walls. To make sure I wouldn't put them back up again, they went and painted the room a very pretty pink and got me a new bed and curtains and everything. It worked. I couldn't deny the room looked better sans all of the pictures, but still I missed him.

I still remember the day in junior high school when mom and dad told me I could go to my first concert. Of course it was Rick. Amy (who also shared my passion for this man) went with me to that one. We actually made it down to the very front row and stayed there most of the concert. I got to touch the girl beside me who touched Rick's shoe! (Yellow and white high tops if I remember correctly.) How exciting! There were some very mean girls behind us who pulled our hair halfway through the concert to get in front of us. That was very disturbing. I have since seen him in concert four or five more times. One loses count. Every show has been the absolute best! Even at fifty eight he has so much energy and I'm sorry but he is still sexy! Look at his arms!

I know it is somewhat pathetic that here I am at thirty-something and can still tell you that Rick Springfield was born in Sydney, Australia and that his favorite color is purple and that his real last name is Springthorpe and that his favorite band used to be Led Zepplin. All I can say is that my dreams of someday meeting the man who only wished he had Jessie's girl were what got me through many an akward time in my teenage years. And I just still haven't outgrown those dreams.

The only celebrity who has come close to rivaling my adoration for Mr. Springfield is Tom Cruise. I have loved me some Tom. However, if I had to choose between inviting Rick or Tom over for dinner, I would definately choose Rick. I mean, he has that cute Australian accent and everything. And besides, I'd be afraid of Tom jumping on our furniture or something.

And yes, Mike was slightly miffed that my post for Rick's birthday was a little longer than my post for his birthday. This in no way means that I love Rick Springfield more than I love my husband. It's just a quirky little obsession of mine. And if I had a t-shirt that said "Mike's Girl" on it I would be wearing it right now instead of my "Jessie's Girl" tank top. Happy Birthday Rick! Rock on.


  1. I'm laughing....that's all I can write!

  2. I think "little obsession" is a bit of an understatement.
    I love Rick too, but Tom would be welcome to jump on any furniture at my house. I would even jump with him.
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Amy's right, it's more than a "little" obsession... I saw the folder. He does rock though and I am proud to say I have been there in concert with you. And yes, his arms are fabulous. Mike has to understand you have known Rick a lot longer. In twenty years Mike's birthday post will be twice as long! :)

  4. And thank you Mel for taking me to see him the last time even though you were not previously a fan. Also, thanks to Kara and Sharon who have sat through his concerts with me dancing beside them. And to Amy what can I say? We even traveled to Lubbock and met Heather's Uncle Larry to see Rick with Cory Hart. Good times!