Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kid's Corner

Jake and I were out in the backyard the other day when he ran up to me very excited about something he found in the flower bed. By flower bed, I mean the great big dirt pit we have by our fence with absolutely zero flowers planted in it yet. Turns out, he found animal tracks! He couldn't wait to show them to me and said "Look Mama! Brady tracks!" I was very impressed that he knew the word track instead of footprint. Also, that he knew they were Brady's tracks. Looks like I have a budding biologist of some sort on my hands!

Seriously, we spent a good fifteen minutes or so (which is FOREVER! in three year old time) just looking at all the tracks in the dirt. Then we looked at the poop that was also in the backyard. We knew that only an animal the size of Brady could leave tracks and poop that big. However, we did find some poop of unknown origin. My hypothesis is that there is a neighborhood cat who uses our backyard as his litterbox at night. Mike thinks we should set up outdoor cameras and traps for it. I think that's going just a bit too far.

Anyway, a few days later when I took Jake to the park we took a nature walk in the woods behind it. He was so interested in looking for tracks again. We found more dog tracks, deer tracks and racoon tracks. He loved it! So the next time you're sitting at home thinking "we really should get out from in front of the television" take your little ones on a walk and see what you can find. They're short which puts them at the perfect level to find things you don't normally notice. Just watch out for poop of unknown origins.

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