Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Christmas in July

I subscribe to a site called Productive Parenting. Every day they email you a suggestion for things to do with your children based on their age. Last week, one of the suggestions for Jake was to read him a book about the Little Gingerbread Boy and then bake gingerbread boy cookies.

I went to the library and found two books about gingerbread people. One was The Little Gingerbread Boy and the other was The Little Gingerbread Baby. Quite frankly, I found both books to be a bit disturbing but Jake was thoroughly entertained by them. We read the books for a few days and then yesterday we made some dough for the cookies. Jake and Emma Mae both helped.

The dough had to be refrigerated for a few hours so by the time Mike got home from work it was ready to go and he helped the kids decorate cookies. I have to say they were quite yummy. I can't wait until Christmas gets here so I can make another batch! Here is a link to the recipe if you're interested.


  1. I'm impressed. I always made such a mess out of decorating them. Love, Mom

  2. good job! you are a productive parent!

  3. Kim- I'm not sure if Emma likes Dora the Explorer, but there are tons of coupons on Target's website for Dora stuff- everything from plates to toothbrushes and bedspreads! Just thought you might want to know.