Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little hodge podge

Oh, the summer heat has been killing me. I haven't even felt like typing. But yesterday a cool front came in so we're down to the mid-nineties. The kids and I were actually able to play outside for two hours this morning! With no heat stroke! Anyway, let's catch up on what's been happening.

~Do you know how long it takes a curious toddler to pull a forgotten glass off of a table, drop it on the floor and then fall on top of the shattered pieces? Less than a minute! Mike and I both went with her this time to urgent care while our friends watched Jake. Less than an hour and eleven stitches later, she was all better. Mike took a picture of the wound while we were there but it's too ghastly to post. I might put one up later now that her knee is looking better. She should be getting the stitches out on Saturday.

~I'm happy to report that Jake is completely potty trained! I'll give you a second to do a happy dance for us. Okay, thanks. He woke up last Thursday and decided he was ready to poop in the potty. We were thrilled. He made it in just under the deadline too. I really needed for him to be completely potty trained by the time Mother's Day Out started again so I wouldn't have to go buy pull ups.

~Have you heard about the Jeep Grand Cherokees that seem to explode if they are hit from behind because of where the fuel tank is located? Yeah, we have one. So, if you see us on the road please stay way far behind us. Thanks.

~We started Mother's Day Out yesterday. Traffic was so bad it took us 45 minutes to get there which made me about five minutes late to our morning meeting on the first day of work. Thank God I work at a place that offers grace continuously. Also, while we were stuck in that traffic I heard Jake in the back seat whining that "the poopies are coming!" He's had a little stomach thing the last couple days. I just knew I was going to have to clean him up in the parking lot before we ever made it to school. But, thankfully, he was able to hold it in until we got inside. Also, he didn't have any accidents with it at school. I was fearful he might not be able to make it to the potty in time while he was in his class and then he would forever be known as "Poopers" or something.

Okay, I think we're caught up. Hope everyone is off to a great school year!

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