Saturday, November 12, 2011

Odds and ends

1.) We have the birthday situation under control. I booked a party at the YMCA for just $20 more than the groupon for Emler. The kids will get to swim in an indoor pool for an hour and then play games/eat cake in a different room for an hour. And the best part is they won't be at our house!

2.) The mighty Panthers had their last soccer game of the season today. I'd like to say that they went out with a bang and that this was Jake's best game yet. However, only one child on the Panthers team really came to play soccer today. The other six children came to wander around aimlessly, pick grass, shoot invisible webs out of their invisible spiderman hands, fall down or cry. Or a combination of any of the above. I wish I could say that Jake was the one kid who came to play but alas, he was of the six. They all got a medal at the end of the game and Jake can't wait to play again next season.

3.) Little girl has been cracking me up lately. Whenever we talk about food she looks at me and says "mama! it might be ta-sty!"

4.) I'm obsessing over a pair of Tom's shoes. I only recently discovered Tom's because I live under a rock but they are so cute! We normally don't spend much on shoes. Who am I kidding? We normally don't buy shoes period. But, I think I'm gonna have to buy me a pair for Christmas. Plus, I guess they donate a pair of shoes to the underprivelaged with every pair you buy. That sounds nice.

5.) Have I told you that some lucky people just got back from the last ever Rick Springfield and friends cruise? Have I told you how bummed I am that I never got to go on one? Hopefully, one day when we have an extra $2000 lying around Rick will reinstigate the cruise and Amy and I can go. Of course, by the time that happens he will probably be in his 70's. I hope he's still jammin' then.

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