Saturday, November 5, 2011

Show me your pumpkin recipes

I love fall! It has finally cooled down to where we only have highs in the upper seventies or low eighties. Today, we actually had to wear jackets to Jake's soccer game. My parents drove a whole lot of hours to come down and watch my nephew Tom play football last night and then they drove more hours to get to Jake's game this morning. Then they turned around and drove a whole lot of hours to get back to Amarillo so dad could teach his Sunday School class tomorrow. They are super sweet. Or super crazy. Or maybe both.

The mighty Panthers fought bravely today but were pounced upon by the more focused Tigers. It's okay because I seriously doubt a single Panther realized they actually lost the game. My dad got a great picture of Jake at the end of the fourth quarter (before the game was over mind you) where he is alone in the middle of the field with both hands raised majestically over his head. I wish I could tell you he was praising the Lord but he was actually shooting Spider man webs at some unseen foe in the sky. While his team was playing the actual soccer game behind him.

Anyhoo, this fall weather has led me to do some serious baking. Oh, who are we kidding? Any slight dip in barometric pressure can lead me to bake. I actually don't need an excuse to seriously bake. As evidenced by my expanding waistline. But I do love the smell of baking pumpkin in the fall. Here are a few of the things in our kitchen lately.

These are my favorite pumpkin muffins. They have cream cheese in them and they are delightful.

These are my favorite pumpkin brownies. They have a layer of pumpkin in between two layers of chocolate. Phenomenal.

These are some pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing I made yesterday. They actually taste more like cake than a bar. And they are not my favorite but they are still quite good. I'll call them moist and pumpkiny-spicy. Autumnal even.

What about you? Show me (or just tell me) your favorite pumpkin recipe.

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