Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014!

I don't bother with New Years resolutions anymore. Because like so many of us I know that I'm just not going to keep them. But I have been feeling a big sluggish for the last eight or nine months and I've picked up five pounds that seem to be very happy on my midsection right now. So I told Mike before Christmas that I was done eating crap and not working out anymore so things were going to be different around here starting January 2nd. Why not January 1st you ask? Because I knew I was going to eat cornbread on January 1st and part of my new health plan is to try to be gluten free. Maybe you can make gluten free corn bread. I don't know. But I do know that I ate a gluten free bagel and a gluten free muffin last month and they both sucked. So I wasn't even going to try gluten free corn bread.

Well, it is now January 5th and no changes have been made. We say we will start tomorrow for sure. But I'm not sure how that is going to happen seeing as how we don't have much in the way of healthy gluten free food in our house right now. We do have a lot of leftover Christmas candy and a quarter of a bag of Stouffer's ginger snaps that I am single handedly consuming. Don't get me started on the ginger snaps. I managed to avoid them in the grocery store for a good two weeks before I broke down and bought a bag. I love them, but they are of the devil. You have to eat at least four at a time. They are heavenly, crunchy little crack discs that must be eaten before I can start my new healthy lifestyle. And let's not forget the half eaten pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream my hubby lovingly brought into our house two days ago because he overheard me saying I had a craving for it. Oh who am I kidding? That ice cream won't live to see tomorrow. Its probably only got about 30 minutes left on its life span. But the other stuff? I should throw it out. But that's wasteful. What's a girl to do?

Why gluten free you ask? Why not? Nothing else seems to work. Also, I have a multitude of health concerns right now and after consulting the google I am pretty sure that I'm either gluten intolerant, pre-menopausal or I have ovarian cancer. Take your pick. I'm shooting for the gluten intolerance myself. So here's to a year of no (or at least less) wheat which means no (or at least less) sugar because in my world those two things go hand in hand. God help us all.

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