Friday, September 14, 2007

Jake at Nine Months

Today is Jake's nine month birthday. Mike and I took him to the doctor and got his new stats. She says he's doing very well. He is small for his age but she saw how active he is and said not to worry. She said he's just burning lots of calories. So, anyways, his weight is 17lb 6 oz., height is 27 in., and head is 44 1/2 cm. So, that means he's in the 10th percentile for weight and height and 25th for head circumference. He's been off of his acid reflux medicine for almost two weeks now with no ill effects. She said that's great and to just keep watching him but he has probably outgrown all of that mess. He is just such a happy, babbling, growling little guy! (well, most of the time.) He is definately saying "mama" and "papa" though still not sure he knows what they mean. That's it for now, and yes mom, I'll post some new pictures later today!


  1. Thanks for the pictures. He is really so much fun and you don't have any idea how fortunate you and Mike are to have such a good baby. I don't believe I was ever able to just lay you in your crib and not have you put up a little bit of a fuss. Anyway, it was worth it. I love you all. Mom

  2. he really says those words? wow, that's amazing. :) he is getting so big; happy 9 months, buddy.