Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play Date

Since Mike started his new job he has been working constantly and hasn't really had a chance to go out and do anything fun. So yesterday we went down to the drag and looked around the UT co-op store and had lunch while watching the college kids pass by. There was so much more to see but it's hard to get everything in with Jake in tow. They say everything is bigger in Texas and just look at the size of that longhorn! Oh, and we also had someone dressed up as the devil give us free red hots. Now, that is definately fun.

Please note that Jake is wearing his first UT t-shirt. I am really trying to make a Texas boy out of him.


  1. now wait, are you sure he's not expressing his opinion of UT?

  2. i know! we're going to have to work on his attitude!

  3. Hee Hee! I guess I better send him some Oregon stuff. Ya never know... got to keep his options open!