Sunday, September 23, 2007

Visitor from the OC

Mine and Amy's good friend, Kara, came to visit from California for the weekend. It was our first annual girls weekend and we had SO MUCH FUN. Kara still works for Hyatt Hotels and was able to get us a cheap room (can I just say it was the Governor's Suite?!) at the downtown Hyatt Friday night and a free room at the Lost Pine Resort on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN. We went out on the town Friday to a new (to us) restaurant and then on to the infamous sixth street where we ended up at a piano bar. And who doesn't love a good piano bar? There's nothing like sitting around singing 80's music at the top of your lungs. Saturday morning we did a little shopping on the drag and then went off to the resort for a day of lounging in the sun and floating down the hotel's built in river. It was so good to see Kara again and just hang out with the best friends in the world. Not to mention the many belly laughs and giggles and a few snorts along the way. Thanks so much Mike and Cheryl and Katie for taking on the little mister this weekend to give me a much needed break. Especially since he wasn't feeling so good!


  1. yes, you deserve a break! so glad that you had a fantastic girls' weekend away.

  2. Wait a second... You had a girls weekend and you didn't invite me?? What the heck?? I am hurt.

  3. You have an open invitation! Besides, I thought you couldn't come because of the new job and all. You need to get out here or I need to come there! Kara found a really good rate on airfare.