Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Strike is Over!

Well, after ten days of standing in picket lines, holding my signs, and walking in circles, I've given up on the writer's strike. For some reason nobody wants to pay me to keep up this blog. Also, picketing by yourself in your living room where no one can really see you is not much fun. And I'm easily distracted by the need to make a sandwhich or clean a toilet or something. So I'm rejoining the blogging world so that the three of you who read this occasionally will not feel like you're getting the short end of the stick with this whole striking writers thingy. I mean, I know you're already watching re-runs on television so surely you should have something new to read every day or so. I write for you. And I write because I love the writing. And I write because there is nothing on television for me to watch.

Seriously, Jake and I have been at my parents for the last week. Did you really think I was picketing? In my own living room? I'm sad, but not that sad. We had a wonderful time with my family and a great Christmas in general. Tomorrow, I will post pictures, but tonight I'm just too tired. We had a nine and a half hour car ride today. Just the two of us. Jake did so well for most of it. All except the last hour and a half where he just felt the need to scream. Right in my ear. He was so excited to get home to his own bed. I heard him in there for at least an hour talking very excitedly and it sounded like he was running around in his crib. When I peeked my head in to see what was going on, there he was laying on his back holding a stuffed animal up in the air, pumping his arms and legs up and down while he laughed. It was so funny! We missed Mike and are glad to be back home but we're very glad we got to spend much needed time with family. I promise to be back everyday this week with an amusing antecdote to share with both of you. Or at least a cute picture of little mister!


  1. I know you and Jake are glad to be home and I'm sure he was glad to get in his own bed, but his MeMaw and Grandpa are sure missing him. These ole walls are sure hollow tonight. He is so smart and we can hardly wait to tell our friends about him. We will anxiously await another visit, we hope with Mike also next time. Love, Mom

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time at home. I know your parents must have been thrilled to have most of your family with them. And who can resist a cute toddler!!!
    Oh...and I can totally see you picketing in your living room. Though, you may have only made a few's the thought that counts. Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. I say picket all you want! It will make the "2" of us find something better to do than surf the net looking for blogs. :)