Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I'm ticked off about

1.) The Cowboys lost their game yesterday.

2.) Peyton Manning lost his game yesterday. Let's just say that if the Green Bay Packers don't get into the Super Bowl and win it this year the 2007 football season will be dead to me. I'll pretend it never even happened.

3.) Due to the writers strike I couldn't watch my favorite stars in all their fashion glory at the Golden Globes last night. And there probably won't be an Oscars show this year either. Isn't that kind of like cancelling Christmas?

4.) Commanche Moon. Did anyone watch this last installment of the Lonesome Dove series last night? I remember loving Lonesome Dove. I could only watch the first hour of this show last night because it was really so bad. The writing was just nuts. And Val Kilmer whom I normally love was just not good. His accent, hair, wardrobe, everything really was just a mess. Did anyone else watch it? And did you like it??

5.) The coat I was going to by myself at Kohl's for my birthday went off sale the day I went to buy it. And that's not nice.


  1. I'm sorry...I don't think you had a good sunday! that college season is over, I don't pay much attention
    I turned the channel right when Comanche Moon begun, it looked lame
    Listening to the winners being announced for the Golden Globes was also very lame.
    The coat on sale....go to the manager and ask (it never hurts to try)
    Need a Jon & Kate plus 8 tonight! It's hilarious!!!! It's on from 9-10 on TLC (I'm fairly certain on the channel)

  2. I can only relate to #5. I agree with Laura, you need to ask the manager for the sale price. I would guess they would give it to you.

  3. I am confused about #2. Does that mean you are a Green Bay fan? Got a crush on Brett what's his name?
    What do you think about the Jessica Simpson "curse" on Tony? I saw they had a Jessica lookalike at the game yesterday.

  4. how come you're now amywdoherty? yes, i love brett farve. and not just because he's hot. i think tony gets distracted by the girls he's dating, yes. it happened last year with carrie underwood and now with jessica. and why is he dating her anyways?

  5. I did watch Comanche Moon with your Dad. It did get a little better after the 1st hour. Guess we'll watch all of it. I wish they would leave my regular shows along. The Unit, Criminal Minds, CSI New York, etc. Love, Mom