Monday, January 21, 2008

We have a Walker

I've been trying to get a good picture of Jake walking to post on the blog, but alas, I can never capture him. I have some video, but my videos don't upload right anymore. Not sure why. So, anyways, he's been walking since a couple days after Christmas. Most of my family got to see him take off for the first time. Unfortunately, Mike wasn't there. But, he has since seen Jake go many times. It seems that walking is now his preferred mode of transportation. And usually he's doing it with some object in each hand. I love that he's growing, but I miss his cute little monkey crawl!


  1. Go Jake Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what a fun new world he has entered into and one that will never be the same, for he is now capable of getting to what he wants FASTER!!! Good Luck Mom! I loved it when the boys began walking, it really made life easier.

  2. Just wait til he really starts talking. He will be a blabbering, walking fool, and you'll never get any rest! :)