Sunday, November 7, 2010


Okay, I'm finally getting around to putting up the Halloween pictures. I didn't get any real good ones. Go figure. Anyhoo, let's recap.

Jake was a pirate and Emma was a feisty kitty. Jake really got into the whole pirate thing. From the minute I showed him his costume he started yelling "ARR, MATEY!" It was cute the first day. Then he scared a lady in HEB on Halloween by screaming it at her. I had to ask him to tone down the pirate speak a little bit. I had every intention of getting him a bandana or something to tie around his head to complete the look. Would you believe I couldn't find nary a bandana around? Is nary still a word? Anyhow we ended up using this cool spider hat he made in school. Every one was calling him Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Carribean. So cute. The first day I tried Emma's costume on her she had a complete fit and screamed "NO, NO, NO, NO!" Emma always says no four times in a row. It's her thing. But luckily, on Halloween night, she bucked up and became a kitty. She even made a few weird kitty sound effects.

It was hilarious to watch Jake and friend Aiden trick or treat together. They are 100 percent boy. They ran from house to house screaming but found their manners long enough to say trick or treat at every door. Emma was so cute. She had no clue what was going on at first and just stood around looking bewildered. That got her a lot of extra candy. Since she wouldn't leave people's doorsteps they just kept dropping candy in her bucket. Then later she got extra candy just for being so darn cute and waving bye to everyone.

Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. Most of the adults dress up too and some of them are pretty scary. Death showed up again this year.

I did what I do every year when I see him. I tell him to grab his sickle and take a hike. I'll see him when I'm 97.

Someone gave Jake these fabulous vampire teeth. He wears them everyday as he chases Emma around the house. Reminds me of my brother. Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

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  1. The kids are adorable. How I wish we had halloween in Malaysia