Sunday, November 7, 2010

The two Emma's

I need to catch up. Honestly, between the dizzy spells and the back aches I don't have time to do much other than complain. My hubby loves it! But, when I'm not busy acting like I have one foot in the nursing home, life goes on. My parents came for a visit last week. They actually came down to watch my nephew Tom play in one of his final football games of the season. However, he broke his leg in practice which put an early end to his final football games of the season. Mom and Dad decided to come down anyway to check on him and spend a couple days with us. It is always good to have them here. We discoverd the joys of the Texas Pie Company while they were here. I can't stop thinking about that darn chocolate fudge pie. Oh pie, I just can't quit you.

Emma. Pssst, Em! Look at the camera. She's a bit of a diva sometimes.

While Jake was running my dad ragged, Emma brought all of her books to MeMaw to read. Although my mom doesn't go by the name Emma anymore I love the fact that they share the same name. And the same eyes. And I think, the same temperament. Look at that lip! Jake has that pouty lower lip too. I wonder where they get that from?

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  1. So glad Emma and I share the same name. It was my grandmothers also.