Sunday, November 28, 2010

Musings and Ramblings

I sit here typing this while wearing my fat pants instead of my skinny jeans. Thanksgiving was good. We went to my sister's house this year. She had our entire family plus Alan's parents over for dinner. It was delicious and great because I only had to cook a side dish!

I began what I'm going to call my holiday baking marathon the day before Thanksgiving. Right now I'm really into pumpkin. I made some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins because I saw that everyone else was doing it and I'm a follower. Let me tell you this. Everyone else knows what they're doing. They were delicious! Although I think Big D was a little sad I didn't stick with our traditional blueberry muffins. Especially since the last time I made those for him I had to put some whole wheat flour in the batter and totally ruined the experince for him.

Anyway, then I made a pumpkin dump cake that I was going to take to Cheryl's house for Thanksgiving. Only it was kind of ugly. It tasted pretty good but was not pleasing to the eye. So then I made some layered pumpkin cheesecake brownies that were not only beautiful but also yummy. I took those to Cheryl's house. Although she didn't really need them because she made a chocolate pecan pie that was delicious! Are you beginning to see why I'm wearing fat pants?

My plan is to eat the rest of the brownies tonight and make Mike eat the rest of the cake so that tomorrow I can make a pumpkin cheesecake pie. Then we will be done with the pumpkin. Until next year.

Today at church one of the helpers in Jake's sunday school class asked him what his name was and he replied "Spiderman."

A few days ago I recorded a Tinkerbell movie because it just happened to be on the TV and I noticed that Emma was really paying attention to it. It's a Christmas miracle! She has never really been interested in television. And I know this is bad parenting but sometimes you just need to sit them in front of the TV so you can breathe for a minute. Well, Jake also loves Tinkerbell now. And he really wants a Tinkerbell for Christmas. Mike is going crazy. I think Jake has about as much of a chance of getting a Tinkerbell for Christmas as I have of getting into my skinny jeans before Christmas.


  1. Is there any chance of me getting that brownie recipe. Everything you made sounds so good.

  2. sure! i'll send you the link.