Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Bash

My sweet baby boy is turning 5 on Wednesday. Let's not discuss the ramifications of this particular birthday. Like the fact that it means he is required to start Kindergarten next year and leave me alone with little girl who is already having mood swings that are the emotional equiavalent of a pre-menstrual teenager who just got dumped by her boyfriend and discovers there is no ice cream in the house. All I'm saying is that Emma Mae is a bit moody. I need a little testosterone around in the day to counter balance her.

This year we decided to invite all of Jake's classmates at mother's day out to his party along with our neighbors and other friends. And that is why we decided to have his party at an outside location to prevent me from having an aneurism burst in my brain from the stress of having so many people in our house. I also decided not to make anything from scratch and not to worry about decorations. I wanted to keep it simple.

So we arranged to have a swimming party at our local YMCA and I think the kids had a ball. We ended up only having about ten kids show up but they had the pool all to themselves and between Mike and another over zealous dad they played sharks and minnows to their hearts content.

Jake decided he wanted to have a Spiderman theme again this year. Mike baked the cupcakes for me while I tried to mix up some red and blue icing to make Spiderman cupcakes. I learned a very important lesson Saturday morning. Red icing is one of the hardest things in the world to make. I won't tell you how much red food coloring I put in that icing because it's probably against all FDA regulations, but it was a lot. And the cupcakes still looked hot pink to me. Of course in the picture, they look orange. Whatever.

Jake had a great time with his friends and has been playing non stop with all of his new toys. In fact, he told us that he doesn't want any more toys when Santa comes. So there may be a rather unhappy plump gentleman visiting us in a few days. All he wants is a "ticket to Sea World" and this nearly five year old boy will be as happy as Spiderman in a room full of super villians.

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