Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas stuff

Now that Jake's birthday is over I feel like we can officially get down to Christmas. I had most of our shopping done before Thanksgiving but I felt like we hadn't done any real "Christmas-y" things with the kids.

We got out our elf on the shelf and read the book. However, we are really bad about remembering to move him from spot to spot. If you haven't read this blog post about over achieving elf on the shelf parents you should do so right now. I couldn't stop laughing and couldn't agree with her more! Needless to say, we're lucky if Elfis manages to change locations once a week. He fell over on the curtain rod three days ago and has been there ever since. I told the kids he must be really tired from his late night trips to the North Pole. Sad.

I haven't even baked any Christmas cookies this year. Bad little mama! But, thanks to my sister we did get to decorate some gingerbread cookies this year. She brought some cookies she had baked for her kindergarten class over to Jake's birthday party. She even brought the icing so I really had no excuse for not decorating them with the kids.

We tried to make a Christmas craft that Mike's mom sent for the kids to do. I discovered that I'm really good at gluing things together and that the kids lose interest in gluing things after about 45 seconds.

Sunday night we took the kids into "big church" with us to see our church's Singing Christmas tree performance. It was incredible. Emma Mae lasted about fifteen minutes before Mike had to drop her off in the nursery. Jake lasted the entire performance and it actually made me cry to see how interested and excited he was about everything. He loved seeing baby Jesus' birth and kept asking me when the mean king was going to show up. I love that his heart is so tender right now.

Tonight, we plan on taking the kids to our local trail of lights and we will be going to Sea World on Thursday to see how marine mammals celebrate Christmas. Let the festivities begin!

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