Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little recap

Oh, let's see. Where to begin? I'll start with Thanksgiving. We took the kids on a 13 hour road trip to Kansas City to see Mike's family this year. Jake and Emma Mae did surprisingly well on the trip. I'm thankful for portable DVD players. We ended up staying at a Fairfield Inn in Kansas City the first two nights of our trip. My friend Kara works for Marriot and got us a good deal on a room. I'm thankful for friends who work for major hotel corporations.

Jake and Emma were stoked about their first hotel stay. Well, technically Jake stayed at a Hyatt resort with us once for approximately six hours when he was nine months old. It was a trip that ended in us checking out of the hotel in shame at midnight because he wouldn't stop crying. This time, it was Emma Mae who decided to serenade us with the melodious sounds of "I CAN NOT GO TO SLEEP!" and the like for an hour and a half before she finally passed out from exhaustion.

On Thanksgiving we went over and had dinner with Mike's dad, his wife Sally and Mike's sister Mickey and her family. Sally made a Thanksgiving spread like I have never seen before. Except maybe at a restaurant buffet. There was so much food I couldn't even taste it all. Incredible. They let me watch the Cowboys play football afterwards so I was very happy. We were also able to visit Mike's grandma who lives in a retirement home there and his mom was there that day too. That night we took the kids swimming at the hotel and they passed out by 9pm instead of 11pm like the night before.

On Friday we all went to the Kansas City Zoo. It was very cold outside so the crowds were at a minimum. The kids loved it! We stayed pretty much all day. They rode on their first carousel and thought that was pretty much fun. Emma Mae had the biggest smile on her face!

For once the lions were happy and didn't try to attack Jake. Sweet.

This guy was one of the main attractions.

We spent Saturday visiting with Mike's mama and with his friend David and David's sweet mama Shari. Shari invited the kids to go swimming in their new, fantastic indoor olympic size pool. They were in heaven! We had such a good trip and it was great to see everyone for a little while. We started the 13 hour ride home late Saturday night, stopped in Oklahoma City for a few hours of sleep and got back home Sunday afternoon. I'm tired just thinking about it! Thanks to everyone in Kansas City and Bethany!

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