Saturday, March 17, 2012

A list

1.) The kids and I hitched a ride with my sister and her kids to Amarillo last week. We spent our spring break in Amarillo at my parents house. And while I'm glad we went, my hope, theory, presumption that Emma Mae would outgrow the terrible two tantrums when she turned three proved false. She spent the first two days of our three days in Amarillo in a MOOD. She had an hour and a half long tantrum over the fact that I wouldn't give her milk. Now, ya'll know it wasn't really about the milk or I would have just given into her demands. It was really about the fact that I told her no and she did not like it. As she tries to remind me every single day I am not in charge because she is in charge of herself and she does not like it when I tell her what to do.

I totally forgot my pledge after our Christmas trip to Amarillo never to take Emma anywhere again until she is grown up. Trust me, I will not be forgetting that again.

2.) I did have fun getting my toes done up with my sister and my niece. I did enjoy eating at Taco Villa multiple times. I did enjoy taking Katie to the movies. I did enjoy listening to my dad and my nephew play music together. I did enjoy seeing my parents again and spending time with my family. What I did not enjoy was dealing with a strong willed now three year old. Is that bad? I think that might be bad. She is exhausting. Also, I do not enjoy sharing a bed with Emma. It is like sleeping with an alligator in the midst of taking down its prey. The thrashing, the twisting, the turning-no wonder she's cranky all the time-she can't be well rested!

3.) I bought Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. I think I love it. Looks like I'll have to put off trying to take off the extra five pounds I gained over the winter. And by the time I get through making everything I want to make I'll probably have five more pounds to take off. But that's okay! I'm okay with that!

4.) Is anyone out there reading Game of Thrones? I'm totally addicted. I have given up watching television to read at night. I'm halfway through book four and can't wait to see what happens next.

5.) Also can't wait for The Hunger Games movie to come out. Great books. Read them before you read Game of Thrones.

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  1. Okay, you need to explain Game of Thrones to me. I'm still working through Hunger Games. Book 1 is done and the other 2 have been bought. I had to stop for a moment because I have another reading goal this year that has me very behind.