Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue stars

This morning Jake told me that he really missed Emma Mae when he's away at school. Then he asked me if I could bring Emma to the school today to eat lunch with him. So I said yes. Then he asked if I would also bring his daddy. So I said yes. Then he asked me if I would take him to school instead of sending him on the bus. So I said no. He can't have everything he wants in life, right?

We had the best time at lunch. I got to chat with some more of the kids in his class. Jake and Emma got to hug and kiss each other while they ate Schlotzky's pizza. And I got to quiz Jake about his behavior at school. You see yesterday to quote Jake he had "some sad news for me." Like all elementary schools these days his class has a behavior chart they follow every day. Everyone gets to start the day on a green star. That means they are ready to learn. During the day you have the opportunity to move up to a yellow, orange or the ever so special, elite red star. Red means you are a star leader. But what goes up must come down. If your behavior isn't, well, good? acceptable? normal? your star goes down to blue, or purple or heaven forbid pink. The dreaded pink means you get a phone call home to your parents.

Well, Jake's clip went down to the blue star yesterday. He told me it all started when he was making this noise that Mrs. Ware didn't like. So I asked him to demonstrate. And I could see why Mrs. Ware wouldn't like the noise he was making. It was somewhere between an ambulance siren and a howler monkey. So anyway Mrs. Ware asked him to stop making that noise and he did. But then later he made the same noise in the hallway and his clip moved down to blue. So sad. I think there may be a bit more to the story than what he told me however because upon looking at his behavior folder when we got home I saw what Mrs. Ware had written on his chart for the day. It said "making noises continuously today." Welcome to my world Mrs. Ware. Welcome to my world. I have a feeling the monkey was howling more than just two times yesterday. As of lunchtime today, he was still on green. So I'm hoping he can make it through the rest of the day without moving down. The really sad part was that the night before the blue star Jake was telling me how much he wanted to get to the red star. He thinks it would be really awesome to have a red star. So he asked me what I thought he had to do to get there. I told him follow the rules. He said he aleady did that. So I told him to ask his teacher for some advice. I'm pretty sure he forgot to do that part. I'm pretty sure he thought maybe he could impress her with his noise prowess and she would hand him that red star out of sheer admiration. Hard lesson learned.

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  1. I really like that your school has the ability to go upwards on the chart. such a great idea. our is only green yellow and then red and red means a call home