Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Camping for everyone

Over the weekend we took the kids on our second family camping trip. Our neighbors invited us to join them at their campsite at Inks Lake State Park. It was so much fun! The weather was beautiful and we discovered that camping with friends is even more fun than camping by yourselves! The kids always had someone to play with and the adults always had someone to talk to. Or eat with. Whatever.

As soon as we got there we broke out the peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Because nothing says camping like peanut butter. After lunch we headed straight for the lake and jumped in our neighbors canoe that they rented. This was Emma Mae's first time in a canoe and she loved it. She also enjoyed swimming in the lake. For some reason Jake wasn't so sure about this adventure. He was scared to get in the canoe at first even though he had done it before and he was scared to get in the water even though he is a fish. I'm gonna chalk it up to being tired from Kindergarten. Eventually everyone got in and had a good time. Mike even took our neighbor's older daughter and her friend to go jump off some rocks called Devil's Hole. Because nothing says responsible adult like taking kids to jump to their death. I kid. They were perfectly safe. And they had a blast. Of course my camera was nowhere in sight.

We made some burgers for dinner and had brownies for desert. Then the kids loaded themselves down with glow sticks and played while the older crowd sat around the camp fire and played Catch Phrase. So. Much. Fun.

The next morning we got up, made pancakes, packed up camp and headed out for a hike before leaving the park. Jake is like a spider monkey. Or Spider man. He is obsessed with climbing things and finally I had to just stop watching him and trust that Mike wouldn't let him fall. The kid makes my anxiety levels reach new heights every day. Also, he broke the towel rack in his bathroom last night hanging from it like Spiderman. Totally unrelated to the trip but it had to be said. Anyway, we can't wait to go on our next camping adventure. Only 72 more state parks in Texas to go!


  1. Wonderful pics! Sounds like a great time. :)

    I love a good peanut butter sandwich anytime. LOL

  2. I like your purple shirt in the last picture. where did you get it? :) I still think people that camp with kids are very brave. what an awesome experience for your kids though. Love that pic of Jake climbing too.

    1. shirt was from kohl's a couple years ago (: this last trip was super fun. the one before not so much!