Thursday, October 4, 2012

Conference time

On Tuesday Mike and I went up to Jake's school to have our first parent/teacher conference of the year. I got my hair done that morning so I could make a good impression. I was excited and a wee bit nervous to hear what his sweet teacher would say about him. Basically, it seems that he is pretty much on track with the average Kindergartener but time management may be a concern in the future. I can totally understand this considering it takes him about three hours to clean up his room because he gets distracted by things like playing with the toys he is supposed to be picking up and shiny objects and things he can stuff down his pants.

I was relieved to hear her say that he is a sweet boy who doesn't have a mean bone in his body because you may remember he had some aggression issues in pre-school. She also confirmed our suspicions that he and another sweet boy at his table may think it is their mission in life to crack people up. They may find themselves sitting at different tables in a few weeks. The word "firecracker" was used several times in reference to our boy. I can totally understand that too. Mike and I both said something to the effect of "wait till you meet his little sister in two years, she's a stick of dynamite." Emma Mae's reputation may precede her to Kindergarten.

His teacher told us one other thing that had me cracking up. But now that it has been pointed out I can totally understand it as well. She said that the other Kinder teachers and first grade teachers call Jake "little Matthew McConaughey". Without the bongo's of course. What do you think? Ok, maybe when Jake's hair is a little longer and the curls are going wild. Still cute.

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