Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread and things

On Tuesday my sister and niece came over after school to watch the kids so Mike and I could go out for awhile. It was a much needed break. We went to Torchy's Tacos to eat and then saw a movie. The new James Bond movie. Both the tacos and the movie were good. There's a part of me that always feels like I'm doing something wrong when we go out without the kids though. How long is that gonna last?

The kids had all sorts of fun with Cheryl and Katie. They went out to eat pizza at Schlotzsky's. Then they came home and decorated gingerbread ornaments. Jake made a whole family to put on the tree. They were going to make gingerbread cookies too but I think they ran out of time. Or attention span. Who knows. So the kids and I busted out the dough yesterday to bake the cookies. We made a few Christmas trees and stars too. Our gingerbread doesn't believe in shape discrimination.

Other than that we have been hanging at the house the last few days as one or all of us keep getting sick. Jake is having the best time playing with all of his new birthday toys.

If only he could experience the joy of sharing and let his little sister play with them too! Poor thing, this morning I found her playing with the laundry basket and some of her stuffed animals.

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  1. sweet cookies. Nothing like baking w/ the kids. I made some reindeer cookies this year w/ a little 3-yr. old. They are a hoot. You can see them here: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.
    I hope your Christmas is wonderful! Maybe you can work in nap THAT day. :-)