Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 6!

Somehow our sweet little baby boy turned six years old on Friday. Five seemed big. Six seems like Oh my goodness he'll be moving out soon! Stop growing! Stay little!

Anyway he told me he wanted a Spiderman birthday cake and he opted to forgo a birthday party with a bunch of Kinder friends for a family dinner and a trip to Sea World. See why we love him so much?
Unfortunately, he got sick the Saturday before his birthday. And he stayed sick for exactly one week. Oh flu, how we hate you. Jake missed an entire week of school and he was still running a fever on his birthday. But my parents and sister and all of her sweet family decided to risk the germs and came over for dinner anyhow.

I couldn't decide on the cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing? White cake with white icing? Chocolate cake with white icing? So, in the end, I made them all. You only turn six once right?

Evidently we didn't take pictures of any of the party attendees. But Emma Mae and I were definitely there.

He got lots of new toys. And some shirts. And a hat.

I think he had as much fun as a sick boy can have on his sixth birthday. The next day we went to Sea World because he was fever free! It was a birthday miracle. He couldn't wait to get there so he could spend the birthday money my parents gave him on this huge Shamu he has had his eye on for the last three years. He was so excited to finally get it. He kept asking us when he could go shopping! First time I've ever heard those words from the boy. He bought his beloved whale and named him Biggy. Then he bought Emma Mae a dolphin so she wouldn't feel left out. Sweet boy!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really- 6 already? That went by fast.

  2. what a great cake! And fairly easy? The web is well done!
    Congrats to your little one!