Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sick Days

You may remember that Jake spent his entire birthday week sick with the flu. So it was no huge surprise when Emma Mae woke up with a fever yesterday morning and complained of having a headache. We immediately thought flu and rearranged plans for the day. I told her she would have to stay home from school and she seemed very relieved. I thought she would be disappointed to miss her last day of school before the Christmas break-and the Christmas party they were going to have.

Instead she sat crying at the kitchen table because she was so stressed out about the food choices at her Christmas party. She said, and I quote, "there's gonna be too much food choices at that party and it will be too confusing to me. I can't handle it!" Oh, little girl. If the food choices at a three year old Christmas party are too much to handle then I hate to think about your future in high school. There are many confusing times to come.

Anyhow. Back to the flu. Fortunately, Mike didn't have to be at school so he was able to stay home with Em while I went to work. He took her to the doctor and they did both a flu test and a strep test on her. Both came back negative. However, since the dr. just knew it was flu they gave her a prescription for Tamiflu. So, off they went to fill the prescription. Mike gave her the first dose of medicine right before I got home and then he went to work.

Not fifteen minutes later, Emma Mae was puking all over me and herself and the living room rug. I told Mike about it later and he informed me that the pharmacist warned him it might upset her tummy. Useful information. Little girl took a nap and ran fever the rest of the day.

But this morning, lo and behold, she woke up perfectly fine. And so far she has remained fine! So either her body has a fantastic immune system that is able to kick flu's butt in less than 24 hours or she never actually had the flu. I, however, have developed both a runny, stuffy nose and pink eye in the last six hours. I would take some medicine for it but there are just too many choices for medication out there. And I just can't handle it.

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