Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dino Tales and Brownie Wails

Today I took both kids out for a special surprise. We went in to the big city to the performing arts center and saw a Dinosaur petting zoo show straight from Australia! The kids had a big time. They kept commenting on the giant skyscrapers in downtown Austin. They are hilarious. The dino show was a big hit. Here they are right before the show sitting down in front on a hay bale. No parents allowed on the hay bale. I predicted they would last down there about five minutes.

I was wrong. They kept leaving the hay to come up and kiss me and tell me they loved me before the show even started. Pretty sweet. The dinosaurs were all very life like puppets and costumes. The first ones to come out were baby something a sauruses.

Pretty cute. The kids all got to go up and pet these guys. Jake was over the moon. Emma Mae was crying because she said the lady told her to go back and sit down before she got to touch it. So that's when she left the haybale area and came to sit/squirm on my lap for the next 45 minutes. Jake followed her shortly after. No worries, they could still see everything quite well.

This was the next one. I don't remember it's name either. But it had great night vision and the humans of the show spent the next ten minutes trying to give it drops for pink eye.

This was the star of the show. A juvenile feathered t-rex. She was pretty scary. I'm actually surprised there wasn't a stampede or something because of how excited the kids all were to see her. Jake was in little boy heaven. He even told me that today was the best day of his whole life and I was the best mama ever. I hope he still remembers this day when he's a teenager.

We ended our adventure with a trip to the concession stand where I bought a big $3 brownie and stuffed it into my purse so I could eat it tonight after the kids went to sleep. Controversial, I know. But I did not want to share my brownie with the offspring. I did buy them their very own cotton candy however so don't worry, they got their own empty calories today.

When we got home I took the brownie out of my purse and put it on my night stand. I intentionally only had a banana for dinner so I could enjoy my brownie to its fullest before watching an episode of the Walking Dead. Because after watching an episode of the Walking Dead I don't want to eat anything. Even brownies. Anyway, I got the kids in bed. Finally! Took forever. Then I went to retrieve my brownie only to find that I could not find it. My brownie is MIA. I have searched high and low in this house and cannot locate it. I even turned on the kitchen light to search the pantry (big mistake) because both kids started yelling things like "it's too bright!" "is it morning now?" "can we get up?" To which I replied, "you can only get up if you know where my brownie is!" And also, I made a grim discovery in the pantry. Stay tuned tomorrow for further developments. As for now, I guess I'll be watching Walking Dead on an empty stomach now. Wish me luck.

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