Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break part 2

On Emma's actual birthday we celebrated by having her favorite pancake breakfast with her grandparents. My mom and dad left to go back home afterwards. So we took Mike's parents and the kiddos to one of their favorite places in Austin-the Botanical Gardens. There just happened to be a new exhibit there of fairy houses. Guess who loves fairies? Emma Mae. Both kids loved hunting for fairy houses along the trail.

After the gardens we went out to eat at the Hula Hut in Austin. We surprised/embarrassed little girl with a plate of birthday nachos at the end. She crawled under the table when the waitress brought them out because she doesn't like people looking at her. Then she refused to eat any of them because they had whip cream on them. The rest of the week was filled with more birthday parties and trips to the park. It was a great break from school and I'm hoping it was just what we all needed to finish out the rest of this school year.

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  1. the kids are really cute... the garden is sooo cool.. how i wish we could go there.. but I guess philippines is toooooo far from where that garden is