Monday, October 22, 2007

God Bless this Cold Front

Oh, merciful heavens, we finally got a cold front in central Texas. I'm not referring to the "cold fronts" the weather people have been teasing us with the past few weeks. You know where the temperature actually got down to 89 degrees for the high. And the people on the street being interviewed by local television journalists say they're adjusting to the lower temperatures by wearing t-shirts instead of tank tops. No, we got a real cold front with temperatures in the fifties! So, the people on the streets being interviewed by television journalists about how they're coping with the lower temperatures are actually wearing jeans and drinking hot beverages from Starbucks! Wearing jackets even! It's very exciting. Because as much as I love the summer, I've just had enough already. Plus, my legs really don't need to be in shorts anymore. God bless the long pants.

Now some of you may say "but weren't you the person complaining last year about living in Wyoming where it was too cold?" Why yes, yes I was. But see, that's because it was TOO cold there. Blizzards and freezing temperatures and arctic winds are also not my idea of fun. You won't find people being interviewed by television journalists about the cold there because people can't go outside. I'm just saying, it's way too cold.

So, anyway today we had cool weather with rain and even a little blustery wind. It was the kind of day where you want to sit and sip a hot chocolate or bake an apple pie or something. Instead of doing any of that, we had a fire drill at daycare. Well, it wasn't really just a drill because it wasn't planned or anything. It seems an iron on the second floor somehow set off the fire alarms just as we had gotten our eight little two year olds sitting down eating their lunch in relative peace. So, here we go pulling them out of their seats away from the nutritious meals packed by loving mommies and trotting them out in the cold and the wind (without jackets, because who had time to put jackets on?!) all the while trying to soothe the ones who were scared or cold or just plain mad that they were no longer eating. What fun!

And of course then I see Jake's little class being wheeled out of the building in portable cribs with about four or five babies per crib and most of them standing up holding on with their little hands looking around like monkeys at a zoo. Oh, boy. I've never wanted to leave eight little two year olds to go hold a little monkey so badly! But, I knew my duty was with our kids and that Jake's wonderful teachers would take care of him. So, I left him with them for about five minutes before I ran over and grabbed him and took him back to hang out with me and the two year olds. He was crying at that point. I'm sure he needed me. On the plus side, he got to play with some older kids for awhile and the church didn't burn down due to the iron on the second floor. Oh, and Fall is in the air!


  1. Poor Jake. I am glad you went and got him. I love the chilly weather, I just wish it would stick around longer than a day.
    BTW, did you go to the pumpkin patch? Where are the pics?

  2. i'm trying to talk mike into going this weekend. he thinks jake is too little for it!

  3. Okay I will have to show him the adorable pictures of Addison at the exact same age sitting in the pumpkins!