Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Visit from the OC

Our good friends Mike and Ivy came out to see us over the weekend. They got here on Friday and came to the house for dinner. Mike made his famous stuffed burgers and they were delicious. The meal did get off to a rocky start when Jake projectile vomited five seconds after getting him into his high chair. He had been running a fever ever since getting a flu shot that morning and just had to end the day with a bang. He is clearly an attention seeker.

Saturday we all went out to lunch and then we had a babysitter come over that night so the four of us could go out on the town. We had dinner at a nice little Italian place close to downtown and it was sooo good. After dinner, we headed downtown to show Mike and Ivy a little of the Austin night life. We found a piano bar (again I say who doesn't love a piano bar?) where we spent a couple hours belting out music from the 70's and 80's with the piano man. It was so much fun especially for my Mike because he hasn't really been able to enjoy Austin much since we've been here. On the downside, on our way home we both started feeling sick and it just got worse from there. Let's just say there was more projectile vomiting only it wasn't coming from Jake this time. I'm not sure, but I think it might have been from the chicken at the nice little Italian restaurant that I ordered and proceeded to give half of that order to Mike. I like to share.

So, on Sunday Mike and I were both too sick to move or pick up Jake much less do any entertaining of guests. Mike and Ivy were nice enough to stop by and check on us and they even brought us soup and crackers and Sprite. Then they headed over to San Antonio to remember the Alamo for the afternoon. It was so good to see them, but we were really sorry that the visit was cut short by some undercooked bird. Maybe it was the chicken's way of getting back at me for saying that birds are crazy. I don't know.


  1. ok, something must be going around. maggie threw up on wednesday and thursday for the first time ever and aron and i totally felt sick on sunday. weird!

    glad you had a good time, more or less, with your guests.

  2. I'm sooo sorry Kim and Mike! I know that was NOT what you had planned on. However, you all look fabulous in the picture. So how bad did the piano bar get? It's been years since I've gone and there isn't one nearby anymore.

  3. oh, it was harmless but lots of fun!