Monday, October 15, 2007

Jake at ten months

Jake continues to learn new and marvelous things every week. Ten months is seeing him learn how to wave and how to give "high fives". I took him to the doctor on Friday to get a flu shot and he hadn't gained any weight since his nine month appt. So he's still at 17 pounds 6 ounces. He is the fastest little crawler I've ever seen. Still no signs of walking although he can stand on his own for a few seconds now. He cracks me up every day especially when we play chase. His face just lights up and he squeals with sheer delight when I'm chasing him around the living room. He is definately saying papa and mama (especially when he's upset) and I think now he's trying to say bottle. He recognizes the word and the sign and starts saying ba,ba,ba whenever I show him either one. Probably about the best thing to happen in the last two weeks is that he's gotten happy when he's at daycare. I was really worried that we were doing the wrong thing by me working two days a week and having Jake in a different environment. But he's adjusting now and even takes a good nap there each day. Plus, I think he has a girlfriend! Her name is Lily and she's super cute and about twice as big as he is.

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  1. maggie wants to come over and play chase! sweet tidbits about your little guy. i love that he is recognizing sign language and learning to give high fives. so fun!