Thursday, November 15, 2007

And the winner is...

Kara Baker, come on down! You've just won a tasty beverage of your choice at your local Starbucks! Let me just say that all of the entries were great and made me laugh. And I really needed some laughs this week! Mom, your title for the pic of Jake helping Mike was too cute and has been changed. Amy, the caption for the third pic about Kara cracking him up is truly perfect. Laura, your caption for the first photo was classic and I can totally see him thinking that. Suzanne, if my child ever learns what a Blackberry is we will be in big trouble. Too funny! In the end though I had to go with Kara's entire "hollywood" theme because, well, Jake DOES need an agent and she did reference Tom Cruise which is a little bit of sucking up to the judge but it paid off this time. Thanks for playing! I can't wait for the next contest!


  1. i enjoyed it! very clever. kara's captions were totally great, too. i will look forward to the next pictures you put up in a series. what will you think of next? maybe something holiday related? birthday related?

  2. Congratulations Kara. Now you have to start reading this blog. And leaving comments. And they have to be funny comments. Because that is what we now expect from you. And I guess for the rest of us, we will just have to remember to include Tom Cruise in our captions and we will all win!