Thursday, November 1, 2007

How I spent my first Halloween

Mama was too cheap to buy me a costume this year because she said why spend money on something I will only wear for an hour. But then around 6pm last night she started feeling guilty and decided to try to dress me up anyway. So, she went with a Hawaiian theme.

I don't like wearing flowers too much. So, then she tried a cowboy theme.

The hat really bothered me. But, check out my red eyes. Very Halloweeny. So, then she gave up and dressed up the dog.


  1. I think that was a perfect halloween. The only reason they had those costumes was because I braved the Children's Orchard crazy sale and bought cheap costumes. That and I'm not crafty enough to come up with anything! I can send you one for next year!!!! The giraffe is 24 months and the dumbo is 18 months

  2. Since it'll be awhile, I can hang on to both and we can wait and see how tall he is getting for next year.

  3. When is this blog going to be updated?