Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fishy Business

Let's just say you leave town for a few days and decide to turn the heat off in your house to save money on the electric bill while you're gone. Now let's just say that a cold front comes in the day you leave. When you get back inside your house four days later it might be a little chilly. And if you left behind a cat and a fish they might be really mad at you or oh, let's say dead. That's what we came home to Monday. Our cat Zoe, looked like a vagrant. She was so upset that we had left her alone in a cold house that she stopped grooming herself. She had dandruff all over herself and kept going upstairs and crying in the most pitiful, mournful little kitty voice you've ever heard. It was truly sad. Sadder still was the realization that tropical fish like Jaws 2 (our beta fish) really prefer tropical like temperatures in their little fishy homes. They're not so happy with highs in the mid fifties. We felt really bad when we saw him lying at the bottom of his little fish vase. He was obviously frozen like a little fish popcicle. So we lamented his loss and then promptly forgot about him while we unpacked and took naps and stuff. Later that afternoon, I remembered that there was a dead body in the house so I prepared to perform a burial at sea. He deserved that much. After all, he was a good fish. He never stayed out late, didn't get mixed up with the wrong crowd or anything. And he always seemed grateful for what he had. So as I went to his bowl to fish him out I noticed that his body had floated to the top of the vase. As I was reaching in to grab him I saw his little fish fins moving ever so slightly! A few hours later he had his color back. And I'm happy to report that this morning Jaws 2 is swimming happily and eating all the fish food he wants. It was truly a Thanksgiving miracle! So I guess the moral of this story is that if you ever accidentally freeze one of your animals to death, don't bury them right away. You never know what might happen when they thaw out.

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  1. Poor little Jaws 2 and Zoe....they'll get you back!!