Saturday, December 22, 2007

Because I'm a little OC

Obsessive compulsive that is. Not Orange County. There are a couple things right now that I can't get out of my head and they are DRIVING ME CRAZY! So, I'm hoping that by sharing them with others they will leave me and go somewhere else. The first is this song that's been playing non-stop on the radio and television for the last couple weeks. Perhaps you've heard it? "We are holiday elves. We work hard all daaaay. Blah, blah, blah, I don't know this part. WE ARE HOLIDAY ELVES!!" Maybe if you're not in Texas you've been spared from this Texas Lotto Scratch Off tickets jingle. Did I mention it's driving me crazy? I've woken up to it running through my head the past three mornings. And it stays with me until I fall asleep. Sometimes, just when I get it out of my head, I hear Mike singing it and it shoots right back in there! I'm sick of the elves. Somebody please make them stop. Santa, can't the elves have a day off? Please?

Second, is this game that I cannot quit playing. Thank you Suzanne, for putting it on your blog and getting me hooked. Now, if you could just get me into some sort of twelve step program to get off of it that would be great. Oh, and Mike's going to need to go to rehab with me because he is hooked as well.

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  1. LOL! Ok, my friends first showed it to me on their blog and I am too, totally hooked! It's so easy to say, "Wait, just one more round!" Too funny.