Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Festivities

Wow! What a good day. Jake had fun with Grandpa and MeMaw all day yesterday and then when Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Alan and his cousins Tom and Katie showed up the party really got started. He had a day full of people loving on him, giving gifts and eating pizza and cupcakes. Who could ask for more?

Can you see the whale on my shirt? There's a WHALE on my SHIRT!

Hanging out with my MeMaw and the balloon daddy bought me. I LOVE BALLOONS!

Me and Grandpa.

The spread.


  1. I like his whale shirt. It looks like he had a fun birthday. I'm glad your mom and dad got to come down.

  2. oh my gosh, he totally went to town on that cupcake!! too cute!

    Happy 1st, little man! Can't wait to meet you some day.

  3. So glad Grandpa and I got to help Jake celebrate. Grandpa said he saw Jake put his mouth down on his tray and lick up some of the spilled chocolate. His hands were already full so he figured out a way. Cute, don't you think?
    Love, MeMaw

  4. That sounds like something i would do mom!

  5. That sounds like something i would do mom!