Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To tip or not to tip

Here's my question. When do you tip the people at Sonic? I always have this dilemma when I swing by there just to get a vanilla coke. Because the coke might cost a little less than two dollars and I'm paying with two dollars. Is it an insult to tell them to keep the change? I mean, it's probably only 12 cents or something. Or do you just get the change back and not tip them? Or do you tip them a whole extra dollar? For bringing you a coke? That costs less than two dollars?! I always tip something when they bring out food and drinks, but the matter of bringing out one or two cokes just leaves me in a bind. I don't want to be cheap, but you know, if they would let me pick up my coke at the window I would be fine with that. They don't even give you the choice. And do you tip the people who walk out to your car more or less than people who are riding their rollerblades? Who's working harder here? I need advice!


  1. i think it's fun that you bring this up because i JUST recently learned that you are supposed to tip the carhops...and like, you I'm what the heck?! If it's just a drin, I say have them keep the change. There is no reason for you to give them another dollar on top of your bill (at that point, you might as well use the money for something at Starbucks!). If you are feeling generous, of course, you can give more, but come on, they have to realize that it's not a big deal to 1)put cup under ice dispenser 2)fill with soda 3)put lid on 4)open door and grab straw on way out and 5) walk to your car window. That isn't really extra money to me, you know? It's a drink, not a meal.

  2. Eh?
    Restaurant, sit down, order, eat....sure tip
    Buying a drink and that's it and they quickly bring it to you...not sure on that one. Though, I've only lived out here and never been to a drive up place....are they accounting for the few extra feet?? There's still places with people on skates? How cool! Getting exercise and getting paid at the same time.

  3. It depends. If I am just getting a drink sometimes I tip, sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood. If the change is just say, 12 cents, then I will usually throw an extra 50 cents in. But not a dollar for a drink. I do tip a dollar for food.
    I have never thought about the fact that some are on skates and others walk and would not factor that into my decision to tip. I mean don't they choose to skate or walk? That's their business.
    What gets me is the tip jars at ice cream, coffee, and sandwich shops. Those I never tip. Do you?

  4. no, i don't! my mom and i were just talking about those tip jars. they make us mad!

  5. I used to work at Sonic for several years. I know things have changed since I was there, but the deal is that these people are getting paid at least minimum wage, unlike the wait staff at restaurants. Bless you for tipping - even if it's 12 cents it all adds up! Also, those girls on rollerblades ARE working harder, and at my Sonic they were paid extra to do so. On behalf of carhops everywhere, even former carhops, thank you for being benevolent and thinking of us. :-)